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Berlin shocked by Denmark-US spy deal –

The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, with on-the-ground coverage by EURACTIV’s media network. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. Before you start reading today’s edition of the Capitals, be sure to check out the article “The Commission admits that the share of fossil fuels is’ …

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CBCG reaction to Predrag Drecun statement

CBCG reaction to Predrag Drecun statement 05/28/2021 In cases where individuals, knowingly or due to a lack of knowledge and skills, place inaccurate information that may directly or indirectly affect developments in the banking market, as its primary competence, the Central Bank (CBCG) should respond to preserve the soundness of …

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Greece, leader of the Balkans

After a lost decade, due to the economic crisis and then to the pandemic, Greece is back to playing its natural role as the first power in the Balkans. It is a role that is welcomed by most countries in south-eastern Europe. We may not have the kind of economic …

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