BiH bottled water samples contained bacteria that are not permitted

Seven of the 70 bottled waters of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FB-H) contain bacteria which should not be present – this is the result of the monitoring of samples of packaged natural drinking water, carried out by the Institute of public health of the FBiH.

The director of the Public Health Institute, Sinisa Skocibusic, said the surveillance included 70 samples of natural mineral waters and natural spring waters from domestic producers and imported waters, taken from sales establishments in the detail.

He announced that two tests will soon be checked, the dosage of iodine in salt and the test of parameters in children’s toys.

The head of the Department of Microbiological Analysis of Food, Water and General Use Articles, Daniel Maestro, pointed out that the sale of bottled water is one of the fastest growing sectors in the food industry. and pointed out that only 15 percent of people in the region rarely or never drink bottled water. He pointed out that 49% of the sample was mineral water, 47% spring water and 4% table water.

Nearly 31% of water tested did not pass the BiH Food Safety Agency’s verification procedure, and 50% of bottled water was imported into BiH, he stated.

Moreover, he said that a quarter of the samples, 27.5% to be exact, did not comply with the regulations in force, of which 61.1% did not comply with the declaration of the product. Speaking of microbiological parameters, ie the safety of drinking water, he pointed out that seven out of 70 samples contained bacteria that should not be present in water.

According to him, the ph value of the water was within the allowable range and the test showed that there were no heavy metals present.

The entity’s chief health inspector, Nijaz Uzunovic, said that they had received all the monitoring results and would act in accordance with their authority.

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