Military expert: The Ukrainian Resistance has stopped the RS plans!

After two years of filibuster, race to the agenda and postponements, the Council of Ministers from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) adopted the NATO Membership Action Plan reform programs for 2021 and 2022 at its last session.

State of mind

Military Expert and Professor Berko Zevsevivs says that this is a good thing because of the continuity, the creation of preconditions for closer cooperation with NATO through training, education, adjustment of resources and modes of functioning of the BiH Armed Forces and the BiH Ministry of Defence, but that the adopted documents do not prejudge admission to NATO.

On the other hand, it shows nonsense, because when you make a program of defense reforms, then it implies that you adopt what you plan to do in the following period. Nowhere in the world does it happen that you adopt programs for two years that have already passed, but it is BiH and that shows the mental structure of the Council of Ministers, the people behind the Council of Ministers, the commission preparing this document, but also the Ministry of Defense as a whole,” ToldZecevic.

The fact that the ministers of the Republika Srpska (RS) also voted for the proposals does not mean that there has been a change of attitude in the smallest entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, adds Zevsevivs.

nine months of war

Zevsevivs says that since the beginning of the aggression, Russia has not achieved a single goal, to replace the government in Ukraine. By occupying much of the country and establishing a new, more defensible and continuing front line, Moscow has largely achieved its war plan.

The whole world

He adds that at some point a truce will have to be signed, that Ukraine will not accept the occupation of its territories, but that Russia will not care, therefore the sanctions against Moscow and all the economic consequences felt by the whole world will last for years.

When asked if BiH could have used the global situation to solve his own security problems, Zevsevivs said that there was no one to do it and that right now we have to make sure that we stabilize the economy so that the existence of citizens is not threatened.

Why don’t they love their country

Internal changes will be achieved by strengthening the Federation of BiH (FBiH) and pro-Bosnians in BiH and by motivating the population so that at least 20% of the population participates in the next elections and initiates changes at the local level.

That in two years the results adjustment system will be eliminated, that we will have new forces with a clearer attitude towards corruption, security, equality of people, the strengthening of infrastructures, health… And when all this will be strengthened, then overall security will also be greatly increased, and the forces opposing BiH will be significantly weakened. They do not want do it, the forces that want to overthrow BiH are corrupt. You shouldn’t convince someone to think like you, that’s one of the biggest problems so far, you can’t touch an individual’s integrity. those who love the country of BiH should continue to love it, nobody should be forced to do it, but these people should ask themselves how it is possible that those who were born in this country do not love their country. There is no answer to this because it is one of the few cases in the world“, stressD Berko Zevsevivs.

NATO in Madrid, BiHMoldova and Georgia, as well as Montenegro, despite being officially part of NATO, have been flagged as potential crisis points, Avaz reports.


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