Total deposits of national sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina increased by one hundred million BAM

Total domestic sector deposits in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of September amounted to BAM 28.69 billion and are BAM 106.8 million or 0.4 percent higher than the previous month, it said. announced the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Growth in deposits at the monthly level was recorded in the household sector by BAM 109.8 million or 0.8%, private businesses by BAM 45.5 million or 0.8%, and other domestic sectors by 38. 5 million BAM or 2.1%. .

A decrease in deposits in September compared to August was recorded at the level of government institutions by BAM 41.1 million or 0.9% and at the level of non-financial public enterprises by BAM 46 million or 2.3%.

The annual growth rate of total deposits in September was 5.7%, in absolute terms BAM 1.56 billion.

The annual growth of deposits was recorded with government institutions for BAM 883.7 million or 23%, private companies for BAM 538.8 million or 10.1%, non-financial public companies for 255.7 million BAM or 14.8%, and with the other national sectors of 152.6 million BAM. or 8.8 percent.

A decrease in the growth rate of deposits at the annual level was recorded in the household sector by 1.9%, or 271.8 million KM.

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