Ambassador Murphy: BiH cyber security is inadequate, if not improved attacks will be worse

youdenied Sstates (United States) Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Michael J. Murphy addressed the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina, highlighting what all state institutions, as well as individuals, can do to help improve the cybersecurity of the state and its critical infrastructure.

“Each October, as Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month, let us remember that without a secure cyber environment, even the best-designed technologies, digital solutions and software are at risk. As we we have seen in the region, including here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ensuring cyber resilience and closing cyber security gaps are ccrucial for the safety and success of any country. Cyber ​​​​attacks against the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Central Election Commission (CEC) last month has highlighted the danger of this nature for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now that the elections are over, it is time for officials at all levels of government to put aside the politics of obstruction and division and do the job the voters elected them to do. And that includes protecting the country from cyber attacks”, it was mentioned in Message from Murphy.

He underline that there are several steps the authorities can take immediately to improve BiH’s defense against cyberattacks.

“They understand: firstlilythe adoption of a framework strategy for cyber BiH security. Secondlilythe appointment of a contact person responsible for cyber country’s security policy. Thirdlily, the adoption of a law to ensure the security of information. And fourth thing, the implementation of existing decisions of the Council of Ministers for the establishment of a strong network of computer incident response teams. Most importantly, BiH leaders must allocate the necessary resources to create an open, trusted, and secure cyber environment in which businesses, institutions, and citizens are protected from malicious actors. You all have an important role to play,” said United States ambassador.

He stressed that officials need to familiarize themselves with the issues facing all citizens as the country’s cybersecurity infrastructure is inadequate and there is a need to lobby among them to work to improve the situation.

“Your expertise is crucial when designing and implementing digital, IT and cyber solutions. security solutions. If cybersecurity in BiH is not improved, the country will be vulnerable and prone to even worse disruptive attacks in the future. We wish you all success, whether it’s a start-up, an established technology solutions provider, an engineer creating the next generation of IT solutions or an academic working on policy. digital. Your success requires governments to take a holistic approach to cyber Security. This is the foundation of the digital economy, and without a solid foundation, all structures, including the economy, collapse,” the Ambassador stressed.

He said that the U.S. The Embassy in BiH is ready to be a partner and help BiH achieve the set goals.

“We will also continue to advocate for the use of trusted vendors who will form clean networks to protect critical infrastructure and implement digital solutions,” he said. concluded, reports


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