The longest Alpine Coaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be built next year?

The cantonal authorities of Sarajevo have announced that from next year there will be an alpine roller coaster and many other summer activities on Bjelasnica. It was pointed out that it will be the longest alpine roller coaster in the country.

It is a project that would be carried out jointly by the company ZOI’84, the Tourist Office, Sarajevo-forests (Sarajevo sume) and the Forestry Administration of the Ministry of Economy, as the first which would involve the joint participation of public companies in the implementation, with the profits being shared between ZOI’84 and Tourist Badvice.

The president of the Tourist Office, Kenan Magoda, underlinethat the idea is to get out of the established commercial framework of public companies, to take a step forward in business and to make your own income profitable.

“We have the idea to follow the example of other mountains to use the natural potential, location and position of Bjelasnica and with the company ZOI’84 and other companies in our department to create a tourist attraction that would provide rich tourist content and income for both ZOI’84 and the tourist Plank during the summer season,Told Magode.

The alpine coaster would span the route from the six-seater to Babin Do, with an intermediate station at reservoir two, for which atmospheric landscaping is planned with escort service and catering facilities such as a shop souvenirs, a café and a restaurant with a view of the city, children’s facilities and other recreational facilities. Due to this coverit would be the longest alpine roller coaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)County Sarajevo (CS) The government announced.

According to the first unofficial estimates, the project is worth 2.5 million BAM, and the Tourist Office is ready to fully finance the amount. The start of construction is expected after the implementation of standard administrative procedures, and the estimate is that it could be in the middle of spring next year. Completion is scheduled for the start of the summer season next year, reports


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