How have Arab investments in BiH been challenged?

The tourist village of the city of Osenik, located in the HadzIvsi municipality, was called the first Arab town in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

After the published journalists that “Gulf real estate doo hadzIvsi” is among the largest debtors territorially covered by the Sarajevo Regional Center of the Indirect Tax Administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that their debt as of October 18e amounted to 3,549,669.99 BAM, they announced of this company.

In their statement, they accuse the media of bias.

Jhe media which published it, then those which disseminated the incomplete information, did not respect the journalistic principles which require an objective approach. Because they did not contact the GULF REAL ESTATE doo company which would provide relevant information on the subject of their interest.

Driven by the sensational lure of readers’ attention, the media was not guided by professional principles of objective reporting and right of reply, but presented the public with an unfounded media story, questioning Arab investments in BiH.

The published articles highlighted the debt of GULF REAL ESTATE while ignoring the tax debts of other companies, which are several times higher.

The questions are not only addressed to employees of GULF REAL ESTATE, but also to the general public in BiH, why does GULF REAL ESTATE, whose debt is not even legally established, deserve to be the subject of a media campaign? Can and should unconfirmed and unjudged debt be blamed on dishonest Arab investments?

Why is the project of a tourist residential colony constantly presented negatively as an “Arab city” where only Arabs are allowed to enter? However, we know that, since 2015, the Festival of Friendship between the peoples of BiH and the peoples of the Arab countries has traditionally taken place in the still unfinished tourist resort. Everyone is welcome at this festival. Does false and negative highlighting of GULF REAL ESTATE and Arabic business prefix send a message that we are no longer welcome in BiH?

Citizens should seek answers to some of these questions, as part of their democratic right to accurate, objective and fair information. We remind the public in BiH that GULF REAL ESTATE doo is a company that has invested approximatelyimmediately 35 million BAMand this paid millions in taxes.

The most recognizable project is the tourist and residential complex Sarajevo Resort Osenik, which is not yet completely finished, but which has already gained regional recognition.

As a result of the above, it is evident that GULF REAL ESTATE respects and applies the legal standards of BiH. If it’s something that bothers someone, or if there are other intentions in matter, GULF REAL ESTATE will in all cases endeavor to protect its business from unfair media attention by pursuing legal remedies, and will take action as provided by law for causing material and immaterial damages and seek compensation appropriate compensation“,they concluded in the statement.

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