The ”Wonderful World of Women’s Creativity” concept opened in Sarajevo

The Wonderful world of women’s creativity was inaugurated yesterday in Sarajevo, it is dedicated to women entrepreneurs who in the production of their products belong to the category of unconventional businessmen of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) who contribute greatly to the promotion of the economy national.

The association Nas concept brought together the best national producers to offer visitors to the Importanne shopping center local, traditional and authentic products of the highest quality from October 10 to 15.

In addition, this association has been working with various groups of entrepreneurs for years, who have products, but not the possibility of marketing them and finding their end customers. The Wonderful world of women’s creativity is a concept that will organize two events with different themes.

The first will be dedicated to the preserves in October: national products and their production, while the second will include fashion and fashion accessories in November.

Considering the fact that autumn brings less festival activities and therefore the content of the city’s offer is smaller, this type of event will motivate citizens to visit our event and try to buy some national products of superior quality, and will support women entrepreneurs from different regions of BiH, thus making an immeasurable contribution to their development, Sanela Merjem Muharemovic, organizer of the event and president of the association “Nas Koncept”, underlined.

The event of preserves and related products brings together producers from all regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of strengthening the production, promotion, protection and recognition of traditional agricultural and food products, which, thanks to their quality, become a competitive and recognizable product in the domestic market.

The aim of the first part of the event “Wonderful world of women’s creativity: canned goods and winter accessories” is to become a favorite place for citizens to sell and buy canned goods, while small producers have the opportunity to showcase and sell their products, writes Federalna.


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