Bosnia and Herzegovina Ammunition and Arms Factory aims to increase production to 2.4 billion pieces

The Minister of Energy, Mines and Industry of the FBiH Government, Nermin Džindić, together with his colleagues, today paid a working visit to the military industry plant “Unis Ginex” in Gorazde.

Munevera Fočo, the company’s general manager, briefed the minister on the company’s operations, new investment projects, new production lines and plans for the coming year.

“The turnover for the first six months was 30 million BAM. The number of workers has increased, almost 100 since last year. This is what we expected and received from Ginex,” said Minister Džindić.

“Increasing production from 1.6 billion to 2.4 billion pieces of product by the end of 2023 is a plan that certainly deserves respect. What is happening today at Ginex is the result of hard work continue in line with the strategy and plans of the ministry, and we expect such results in other factories in the dedicated industry,” added the minister.

After the meeting with Director Fočo, Minister Džindić visited the production lines where new technologies have been introduced which will increase safety in these extremely dangerous production facilities.

In the information, it was stated that last year this industry made a total revenue of 358,306,798 BAM, which is 38 more than the previous year. Income generated from exports amounted to 280,802,785 BAMan increase of 51% compared to 2020. Last year, companies in the special purpose industry of the FBiHmade a profit of 25,225,684 BAM46% more than the previous year.

In these companies, December 31St, In 2021, there were 3,770 employees, an increase of 0.02%.

To yesterday, the FBiH government has accepted information from the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mines and Industry on the approval of funds to overcome the current situation in the company Zrak dd Sarajevo. This ministry is responsible for preparing a decision for the next session of the FBiH government on the allocation of 110,000 BAM for the payment of wages Zrakemployees, depending on the funds available in the account of the Special Fund of the FBiH Development Bank.

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