Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina increasingly witness corruption

In the first half of 2022, Transparency International’s Center for the Provision of Free Legal Aid in the Fight against Corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina (TIBiH) handled 154 cases related to reporting corruption and recorded 817 appeals from citizens to the free line for denouncing corruption 0800 55555 .

Public administration continues to represent the sector in which the most irregularities have been registered, and in the first six months of 2022, 104 reports have been registered in this area, which represents an increase compared to the same period. last year (66).

Justice (11), education (11) and the private sector (14) are the areas in which the Center registers a constant number of cases, while in the area of ​​health, there is a notable decrease in the number of reports of corruption in (3) the period from January to July 2022 compared to the previous year, when the COVID-19 pandemic exerted negative pressure on this region.

The largest number of cases during this period relate to reports of people who witnessed corruption, namely 84, which is a clear increase from previous years.

Reports of whistleblowers (17) and victims of corruption (43), although relatively numerous, do not register a significant increase compared to the previous period, which suggests that citizens are more aware of the corruption they witness in their environment, but they still lack the institutional and legal protection necessary to decide to report situations where they are victims of corruption or when they believe that they may suffer the consequences of reporting.

Based on the Centre’s actions, during this period, no less than 12 judgments were issued in favor of TIBiH against public authorities at all levels of government in BiH, namely against: the Federation Banking Agency of BiH, Elektroprenos BiH, Federal Government Ministry for Displaced Persons and Refugees, RUGIP RS, ZDK Assembly, RS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, JP “Roads RS”, KJKP “Rad ” Sarajevo, Vodovoda Kozarska Dubica, City of Trebinje, Municipality of Hadzici, and RTV Velika Kladusa.

During the same period, three recommendations of the Human Rights Ombudsman Institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina were issued on the basis of requests from the Centre, and 11 administrative disputes were initiated against public bodies for failure to provide information of public importance, announced the TIBiH.

The TIBiH Center for Legal Assistance in the Fight against Corruption provides advisory legal assistance to citizens, who can contact the Center through the free number 0800 55555 or through the platform

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