40% increase in BiH exports recorded

BiH’s total trade volume with the world in six months amounted to BAM 23.2 billion and is 41.1% higher than the same period last year, said today. in Sarajevo the President of the Chamber of Foreign Trade of BiH, Zdravko Marinkovic.

During the presentation of the foreign trade exchange, Marinkovic said that BiH’s exports in six months amounted to BAM 9.3 billion, which is 39.17% more compared to the same period in 2021, while imports were BAM 13.9 billion and above. is 42.4% compared to the first half of last year.

Marinkovic said that during the mentioned period, the import coverage of exports decreased by 2.28% and amounted to 66.6%, and added that the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina was going from crisis in crisis, returning to 2020, the time of the coronavirus. pandemic, 2021, when there was a recovery and stabilization of economic trends in the country, and this year and the Ukrainian crisis, which left its mark on the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“In early 2022, we were greeted by a global crisis that manifested itself in the disruption of supply chains by rising energy prices. Observed by months, January and February were stable, but when the Ukrainian crisis started at the end of February, it automatically affected the economy in March, when we recorded a large import of goods to Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Marinkovic stressed.

He said the supply chain was disrupted then, that it has stabilized in a way so far, but the prices at which it is traded have remained significantly high, which has been reflected in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s overall foreign trade.

“In terms of value, at around 40%, there is growth in both imports and exports, and it is not a quantitative or product-related increase in imports and exports to any significant extent. , but rather an increase in prices,” underlined Marinkovic.

He said that the EU is still Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most important external trading partner, as it participates with 72.7% of exports and 64.4% of imports.

Marinkovic adds that in six months, goods worth BAM 6.7 billion were exported to the EU market, which is 37.22% more than the same period last year, while imports from the EU amounted to around BAM 9 billion and were 36.14% higher than the same period in 2021, Srna news agency reports.

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