Solar power plants worth 60 million BAM will be installed in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Central Bosnia Canton Economy Minister Nisvet Hrnjic and KSB Prime Minister Tahir Lendo signed today with Admir Andelija, Managing Director of Electroprivreda BiH, concession contracts for two photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity of 50 MW on mining areas of Gracanica Bugojno Coal Mine.

As Andelija said, it is an investment worth between 55 and 60 million BAM.

“This is currently our largest solar power plants that we are planning to build. The investment is between BAM 55-60 million and it is one of the most important energy facilities of biorenewable energy sources for us. In this area, we are also planning the Vlašić wind farm, for which we have signed a concession contract, so that the KSB area, with regard to energy infrastructure, can be the center of events. of the state is to gradually shift to renewable energy sources,” Andelija said.

Hrnjic said that with this project, the canton of Central Bosnia is close to energy autonomy.

“The project will mean a lot for the overall energy balance of the canton. For several years, we have been carrying out a balance sheet of energy needs, which has shown that at KSB, approximately 71% of consumption is covered by production. With the installation of these power plants and their annual production, KSB will come closer to energy self-sufficiency,” Hrnjic said.

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