SpiderOak Creates New Space Advisory Council, Appoints Highly Decorated Veterans and Industry Experts to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

General Ellen Pawlikowski
Before retiring in 2018, General Pawlikowski was the four-star commander of Air Force Material Command, leading more than 80,000 people and managing $60 billion every year, executing critical warfighter support through cutting-edge research and development technology. With a doctorate in engineering from UC Berkeley, she has served thirty-six years in active duty and is a key technology leader in fields as diverse as airborne lasers and space communications. General Pawlikowski is also widely credited with restoring technical rigor to the systems acquisition workforce as commander of the Space & Missile Systems Center. Prior to this position, General Pawlikowski was the Commandant of the Air Force Research Laboratory, Deputy Director of the National Reconnaissance Office, and held various senior positions in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

“Rethinking our nation’s space resilience is now a top priority for the Pentagon, and SpiderOak’s blockchain-based products for securing satellites and their networks are a crucial part of building that resilience,” Gen. Pawlikowski said. “I am excited to join this new advisory board and believe that SpiderOak’s technology will usher in a new and improved way to secure America’s space infrastructure.”

Fred Doyle
Mr. Doyle is President of ISBF, LLC, an aerospace and defense consulting firm. Previously, he was vice president of defense and intelligence at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Mr. Doyle has held various leadership positions at Space Imaging, Corp. from 1998 to 2005, including the company’s first commercial launch of the company’s high-resolution imagery satellite: IKONOS. Prior to joining the private sector, Doyle worked for over 20 years at the Defense Mapping Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office and other branches of the intelligence community.

Admiral James A. “Sandy” Winnefeld
A graduate in aerospace engineering, Admiral Winnefeld began his naval service as a fighter pilot, flying the F-14 Tomcat. He continued his career as an instructor at the Navy Fighter Weapons School (also known as Top Gun) and served as General’s senior aide-de-camp. Colin L. Powell. Admiral Winnefeld commanded a fighter squadron, the amphibious ship USS Clevelandand the USS aircraft carrier Company. As a general officer, he commanded a carrier battle group, two NATO commands, United States 6th Fleet, U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). His last tour of duty was as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chairman of the Joint Requirements Oversight Committee, ensuring that the integrity of combatant requirements remains at the forefront of decision-making at the within the Pentagon and Capitol Hill. He is a director of several public and private companies and chairs the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

lieutenant general Ken Tovo
Current President of the Green Beret Foundation, Lt. Gen. Tovo was Commanding General of the US Army Special Operations Command. Previously, he served as deputy commander of Southern Command; Commander General of Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan and NATO Training Mission Afghanistan; Commander, Special Operations Command Center; Deputy Commanding General, 1st Armored Division; and Deputy Commanding General, Special Operations Command Europe. A combat veteran with multiple deployments for Sierra Leone, bosnia, Iraqand AfghanistanGeneral Tovo is a thought leader in irregular warfare and special operations.

SpiderOak’s new Space Advisory Board reconfirms the company’s latest commitment to provide space operators with the same levels of assurance in the authority, integrity and confidentiality of space architectures that other industries expect from communications offerings and secure collaboration tools from SpiderOak.

In March, SpiderOak announced Charles Beams was elected Executive Chairman, enabling the company to focus on the new space economy, particularly in the defense sector. Today, Beames remarked: “It is vitally important that our space infrastructure is protected against its greatest threat: cyberattacks. It will take the strategic leadership of the private sector and government agencies to ensure that the best technologies are developed to secure our nation’s security leadership in this second space race. Adding these leaders to our Space Advisory Board will provide us with the insight and guidance needed to align our product development with the federal needs.

SpiderOak recently announced that the company is testing OrbitSecure, its zero-trust cybersecurity platform for securing data throughout the space data supply chain with Lockheed Martin Space Mission Solutions.

About SpiderOak
SpiderOak is a US-based software company that designs cybersecurity products and solutions for civil, military and commercial space operations. For more information about SpiderOak, check us out at https://spideroak.com/ or SpaceCyber.com.

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