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All that they always wished for us was pain, agony and such. We are convinced by their body language, their actions and their inactions. They never wanted anything good for us.

They are pained whenever we are happy. Our joy irritates them endlessly. They hate our smiling faces. They feel uncomfortable when we are comfortable.

These characters who claim to be our leaders? They come from a wild and strange world. They are made from the very bottom of hell. That’s why they are sad when we are happy.

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Whenever they feel that we feel comfortable, they go to their crisis room, consult their oracle. Then they hit us hard to erase our joy.

From the blues, they make nasty policies. They don’t care, not even a hoot. They derive absolute pleasure from our tribulations. They mock us with contempt, clink glasses and recklessly pop champagne!

We are alone in licking the deep wounds deliberately inflicted upon us. No sympathy, no empathy on their part. They go on like we don’t matter.

A sad but graphic sample: the shortage of fuel, that’s it. Where do we place the current fuel crisis? It has become an agonizing recurring decimal in our national life. What a calamity!

We are running against the tide. The waves, the winds are obviously not on our side. The drift is obvious and the speed is alarming. A big stop is urgently needed. A break is highly desirable. Who’s going to bell the cat?

Iba Gani Adams stood up to them. He did it with all his might. He bravely showed the tough material he is made of.

Surprised? Not quite, really. In fact, he did what was expected of him. Even at this critical time in our existence as a nation.

Gani Adams is Aare Onakakanfo from Yoruba country. Remember? So? He wasn’t doing anything out of place. He is perfectly in tune with the aspirations of his immediate constituency. He has no viable alternative. He’s a real committed generalissimo!

He came out of the shell, bold and brave. He couldn’t hold back any longer. It would amount to a monumental disaster. He lifted the glove. He ignored all the odds. He was focused, resolute and determined.

The challenge was not for a small mind. It didn’t escape him either.

He kind of cursed all the consequences. Real and imaginary. He knew our situation was awful, dreadful, appalling and frightening. However, the patriot in him dared it.

He brought it home succinctly the other day. He was practically on his knees. He feared that Bosnia would happen to us. And very soon too. He certainly didn’t want any of this.

So? The Aare Onakakanfo cleverly put pen to paper. He titled it: “Avoiding a Aftershock of the Bosnian War in Nigeria.” It was a powerful and strongly worded correspondence.

He sealed it. His speaking engagements included, but were not limited to: United Nations Secretary-General António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, African Union (AU), European Embassies, United States Departments, International Association for Freedom religion in the UK and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Gani Adams didn’t need to burn candles all night. He had everything he needed to depict the situation at his fingertips. And he did it perfectly justice. You can’t blame him.

Excerpts from the devastating and accusatory missive: “Things are no longer normal in Nigeria. What happened in the defunct Yugoslavia that led to the balkanization of that country is becoming child’s play in Nigeria.

“Pitifully, the terrorists who move from northern Nigeria to the south are welcomed, encouraged and reinforced by the powers that be in Nigeria. This is our seemingly endless dilemma.

Short flashback. A similar alarm has been raised in the defunct Yugoslavia. No one cared to listen then as they do now in Nigeria. And the pogrom in Yugoslavia continued unabated.

It was the nonchalant attitude of those who took advantage of this national malaise. This invariably led to the Bosnian War, from 1992 to 1995.

Adams then returned home: “Ironically, the president of Nigeria is a Fulani. Fulanis have been singled out for abductions, kidnappings and murders in the North.

“They are gradually moving south. The danger is that the people of the South are already determined to engage them. This could lead to a full-scale war.

Aare’s horrific list of atrocities is legion. Let’s use this as a case study: “Deborah Samuel, a level 200 student at Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, was killed and her body burned by bloodthirsty fundamentals because they believed she was guilty of blasphemy.

“The killers are visible in a viral video seen by peace-loving people around the world, but the government has only prosecuted them for ‘disturbing the public peace’.

He concluded his “epistle” thus: “Those in authority are generally believed to be powerless, conniving or both. Nigeria is at the tipping point, showing all the signs of a bankrupt nation.

“Instead of addressing these atrocities committed by Fulani terrorists, government officials are busy planning and strategizing for the 2023 general elections. Something urgently needs to be done to avert a permanent collapse of the country. .

We need more Gani Adams to put this regime on its toes permanently. They should stand up and be counted with pride. Now!

The UN even gave credible credence to Adams’ claims. Its Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Matthias Schmale, said: “I am gravely concerned by the recent waves of violence affecting civilians in North East Nigeria. The violence raises immediate concerns for the safety of civilians.

Yet our own government refused to be convinced. In his absurd thought, he “had a significant impact on security”. Above is how they impacted for the wrong reason.

President Muhammadu Buhari even extended it to the economy and corruption. Haba, Megida! He told a bewildered nation at a police event in Kano last Thursday:

“We can say that the recent positive developments have shown that we can see a general improvement in all three areas (security, economy and corruption). We have taken a strong stance against widespread corruption.

And what is the result of the “strong position”? Abundance of reckless corruption, of course! It was as empty as ever. Nothing has changed. Blatant lies, unlimited lies and deceit.

Living in perpetual self-sacrifice is their greatest loss, their atypical trademark. They cherish it with relish. They eat it, drink it and smoke it. Unbeknownst to them, abnegation intoxicates. The reason the government fumbles, staggers all the time, all the time.

Come to think of it, he. Didn’t we deserve these pains? We asked for it in 2015. We repeated the “feat” in 2019, against all odds. We get it “in good measure, pressed, shaken and overflowing”.

Ab initio, some of us have never seen a Messiah in them. We knew who they were and we still are. We were sure that a leopard never changes its spots.

But we were singled out and reviled. We were ridiculed as whiners. Oh, we always remain proud. We are eternally grateful that the label sticks; just as we stick to our guns.

Our leaders have gone mad and adamant. They have become pewter gods, playing God. They no longer need our prayers.

We only need our prayers for ourselves. Why? This Bosnia may not happen to us here.


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