By supporting only Ukraine, the EU humiliated Bosnia –

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In today’s news from the capitals:


By endorsing only Ukraine in its bid to become an EU candidate, the EU has neglected and humiliated another region, said former Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor. N1 on Sunday, referring to the Western Balkans, whose six EU candidates have made very slow progress on their path to EU integration for more than a decade.

Meanwhile, Slovenia will push for EU candidate status for Bosnia and Herzegovina, EURACTIV partner STA reported. Read more.



Macron loses the majority following the votes in the Assembly. French voters denied President Emmanuel Macron a parliamentary majority after the second round of legislative elections on Sunday, while the left and the far right made significant progress. Read more.



The Greek left is gaining momentum and denouncing Macron’s neoliberal policies. Emmanuel Macron’s defeat in the second round of the French legislative elections is essentially a defeat for his neoliberal policies, said former prime minister and main leader of the left-wing opposition Alexis Tsipras. Read more.



Berlin is to launch a “painful” gas saving program to secure supply for next winter. The government will burn more coal over the summer, pay industry not to use gas and provide billions of euros in loans to traders to buy gas after facing low gas flows from Russia. Read more.



Gazprom supplies 50% less gas to Austria. Austria will receive less gas for the fourth consecutive day, the Russian energy company announced on Sunday, but demand is currently low and supply is secure. Read more.



Thousands demonstrate for the climate in Rotterdam. Ten thousand protesters joined the climate march against global warming in Rotterdam on Sunday afternoon, according to Dutch media NL Times reported. Read more.



Finnish Armed Forces oppose construction of wind farms for defense reasons. Further wind farms should not be built in eastern Finland because wind turbines disrupt radar operations along the 1,300 kilometer long land border with Russia, according to the Finnish Defense Forces. Read more.



The Spanish right wins Andalusia elections, deals a severe blow to Sánchez. The centre-right Partido Popular (EPP) obtained 43.1% (+22.4 with 2018) and the absolute majority in the Andalusian parliament of 109 seats.

This is a blow for Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez ahead of the 2023 national elections, EURACTIV partner EFE has reported. Read more.



Italy considers “the state of alert” in the face of the Russian gas cut. Italy plans to go on high alert to ration gas consumption and increase gas storage following Gazprom’s gas supply cut, according to an Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported. Read more.



Poland will appeal for a seventh package of Russian sanctions. A seventh set of EU sanctions against Russia, including a technology export ban, will be demanded by Poland, Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz told a German newspaper. Welt am Sonntag. Read more.



The Czech government cracks in the Prague corruption scandal. Czech Education Minister Petr Gazdík announced his resignation on Sunday after revelations that he attended several meetings with organized crime boss Michal Redl. Read more.



Slovakia plans to rebuild the Druzhba pipeline to supply fuel to Ukraine. The Druzhba pipeline, through which Russian oil flows into the country, could be converted into a pipeline to deliver fuel to war-torn Ukraine, Slovak Economy Minister Richard Sulík has announced. Read more.



A “major agreement” between Kosovo and Serbia soon expected. Kosovo and Serbia will sign a major agreement within the framework of the EU-facilitated dialogue in the coming weeks, hopes the EU’s special envoy for the Balkans, Miroslav Lajčák. Read more.



Protests held in Sofia amid political crisis. The political crisis in Bulgaria has led to a series of protests and demonstrations ahead of the vote of no confidence later this week. Read more.



Gas imports from Romania, production down this year. Less natural gas was imported in the first four months of 2022 than in the same period last year, and local production also fell. Read more.



New route for exports to Russia via Turkey and Baltic countries, says Serbian minister. A route has been found to export Serbian products to Russia, and the goods will be shipped via Turkey and some Baltic countries, Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Minister Branislav Nedimović said on Sunday. Read more.



Albania’s ruling party will vote on the Srebrenica genocide resolution after a previous snub. Following outrage over the Socialist Party’s rejection of a resolution condemning the Srebrenica genocide in parliament in May, the majority has now tabled its own for approval. Read more.



  • EU: Foreign Affairs Council, EU-Kazakhstan Cooperation Council
  • Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas and Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders receive Moldovan Justice Minister Sergiu Litvinenco.
  • European Parliament President Roberta Metsola visits Finland.
  • European Parliament committee meetings.
  • France: Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
  • Sweden: Protest calling on Sweden not to make any concessions to Turkey on NATO enforcement.
  • Czech Republic: The Czech Ministry of the Environment will present the priorities of the upcoming Czech EU Presidency.
  • Georgia: Pro-EU march ahead of Brussels’ decision on Georgia’s candidate status.
  • Indonesia: G20 Health Ministerial Meeting
  • World: world refugee day


[Edited by Sarantis Michalopoulos, Vlad Makszimov, Daniel Eck, Benjamin Fox, Zoran Radosavljevic, Alice Taylor, Eleonora Vasques, Sofia Stuart Leeson]

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