Great demand for real estate in Neum

Real estate prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are constantly increasing and apartments are reaching astronomical figures. Despite the increase in prices, statistics show that the number of apartments sold is almost not decreasing, and this concerns in particular Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, but also Neum.

In Sarajevo, the price for one square meter in the city center is 5-6 thousand, and on the outskirts – about 2,500 BAM. According to real estate agencies, apartments are more in demand and there is no need to advertise apartments. The demand is huge, but the supply is decreasing, which is why the prices keep rising.

Apartments in Neum are in demand like never before, but supply is very tight as there is simply no construction. The price of apartments in Neum depends on the location, that is, whether it is in the first row to the sea, near the sea or on the other side of the highway. By the sea, a square costs 3,000 euros, a little further from the sea around 2,200, and around the highway 1,500 euros. Of course, the price also depends on the condition of the property. Neum has been extremely desirable in recent years. There are many luxury villas, some for sale and some not. All exceed one million BAM. Villa Gabriel is one of the best in Neum, with a great location and a private beach. It is newly built and decorated with great style. The Villa Gabriel costs more than a million euros. There are other good properties in which there is great interest,” they say of the real estate agency “Adria Nekretnine” in Neum.

The Sarajevo real estate agency Sigenx also points out that there is great interest in buying in Neum.

A few days ago, we sold a commercial space in Neum at the price of 2,000 euros per square meter. Also, there is a great demand for apartments. The new road, which is expected to open soon, will drive the price up even further. Prices have increased due to demand, but also higher prices for construction materials because there is less construction now. A square meter in Neum, depending on the location, ranges from 1,500 euros per square meter (above the highway), up to 3,000 – 3,300 euros for apartments in the first row and overlooking the sea. All this affects the cost of renting apartments, which has increased this year. In the future, the price of offshore real estate will increase even more, says Spaho Ljajic of the Sigenx agency, writes Biznis Info.


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