Regardless of how BiH authorities react, demographic trends will be worse – Sarajevo Times

Regardless of how we reacted, the demographic trends will be worse, and the reason for this is the lack of planned action – demographic policy, demographer Aleksandar Cavic told Dnevnik 2, referring to the reasons for the departure of the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Those who are competent to adopt a population policy in accordance with the Constitution and the law – have not done so. We have partial measures, in certain aspects of the population policy – ​​the birth rate policy or the policy in favor of the elderly – but not the integrative one”, underlined Cavic and added that the competence for its implementation lies located at the level of the entities, cantons and municipalities.

Cavic warned that the trends of 15-20 year olds are very worrying, and lately they have been pointing out some very bad trends: “Demographic trends are long-term – there is no opportunity to collect political points, results more tangible take more than two decades”.

The statistics are not particularly applicable to education. The labor market situation bears witness to this. When will the education system be harmonized with the needs of the economy? Why do educated people, especially those with deficient professions, leave Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)? These are the questions the profession has been asking for years. There are positive developments, but not enough.

The greatest danger of the incompatibility of the education system with the demands of the economy, the uncertain political situation and the weak economic growth, experts warn, is that the departure of young people becomes a routine, an obligation and a common path after graduation. . What drives young people to leave BiH?

It became a little more usual for health professionals, unfortunately, to leave our health system, and with this in the future, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which becomes a country of the elderly, will have a huge problem in providing formal services in the field of health care,” warns Kenan Galijasevic, senior assistant at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zenica (UNZE).

It is encouraging to know that most young people, despite the difficulties, want to stay and contribute to building a better society.

The synergy between the education sector, the business community and policy makers is necessary to curb this unfavorable and very dangerous trend for society. The unsustainable situation, they say in the economy, has gone on too long.

Throughout history, the choice of profession is very important, but also the institution of higher education where a certain title will be acquired.

For some professions, such as the IT sector, globalization has made the labor market accessible everywhere.

Powerful higher education institutions do not wait for the slowness of the bureaucratic apparatus. They say they work alone as much as they can.

We include a lot of people from the economy. We also include our graduate engineers. We get feedback from them about the needs of our market. We listen through the international projects that are currently in vogue in Europe, says Miroslav Kostadinovic, vice-dean for education at the East Sarajevo Faculty of Transport.

Training in the Federation of BiH (FBiH) is a constitutional obligation and a right of the canton. This can be a definite advantage.

This is why we have adopted a new law on secondary school, which allows us to modify up to 30% of its content or its program according to the needs of the local labor market, explains Bernadeta Galijasevic, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the canton of Zenica-Doboj (ZDC).

We would say, though slow, there is still a certain movement, writes Federalna.


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