All about newcomer Diana Jenkins

fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were introduced to Sanela Diana Jenkins, who goes by Diana, at the start of season 12. Diana is a friend of the cast who first appeared at Harry Hamlin’s 70th birthday dinner and viewers learned about her past, her family life, her famous friends and her fabulous fashion sense.

Diana fits right in with the cast because she’s smart, strong, and interesting, and she’s also not afraid to say what she wants to say or comment on what’s going on, which viewers appreciate. RHOBH fans will want to learn these facts about Diana’s life.


ten Diana is friends with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian The black outfit of the Kardashians CROPPED

Many real housewives have tons of connections, including those who live in Beverly Hills since they are close to Hollywood. Diana shared a bit about the celebrities she knows from her first appearances on RHOBH. Diana mentioned on the show that she knew Kim Kardashian and was there during the horrific time Kim was robbed in Paris.

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Diana and Kim Kardashian are friends and people started seeing them hanging out in 2013.

9 Diana runs a beverage company

Split image of Diana Jenkins smiling in a green outfit on RHOBH

The fans have a lot real housewives questions, including what the cast members do for work. Several women from the RHOBH actors are actors and Diana runs several businesses.

According We WeeklyDiana started a beverage company called Neuro in 2009. Diana is also the founder of D Empire Entertainment and she bought Melissa Odabash, a swimwear line.

8 Diana’s fiancé Asher is an actor and singer

Split image of Steve and Amber on parenthood

Fans were also introduced to Diana’s fiancé, Asher Monroe, and she explained that they had a 16-year age difference.

Asher shared with some of the husbands that he is a singer, and according to women’s healthAsher is an actor who was on Kinship, The mentalistand Zoe 101. Kinship fans will recognize Asher as Steve Williams, Haddie Braverman’s boyfriend who also slept with her cousin Amber.

seven Diana and Lisa Rinna are good friends

Lisa Rinna looks surprised in Amsterdam on RHOBH

Each new season of a real housewives The show either has a new cast member or a “friend” who appears in multiple scenes and is always there when the drama is brewing. Sometimes these people become full-time cast members and other times, as in the case of Kathy Hilton, they only appear briefly.

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Diana joined as a friend in Season 12 and according to Slice, Diana ended up on the show because she and Lisa Rinna are close friends. Fans also learned that Diana and Crystal Kung-Minkoff have known each other for a long time.

6 Diana launched two amazing foundations

Diana Jenkins looks serious on RHOBH

Fans always want to learn the behind-the-scenes facts of the real housewives franchise, including what the cast members do when the cameras aren’t rolling. Many of them do a lot of good work for charities.

Checklist reported that Diana started a UCLA project called the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project. Diana also started the Irnis Catic Foundation which pays for the expenses of the University of Sarajevo Hospital. Diana’s brother died during a war in Herzegovina and Bosnia, so Diana wanted to set this up. In an interview with The Guardian, Diana explained why she started these foundations: “So for me to start enjoying my life, I had to do something. And now I feel like I’m enjoying my life guilt-free because I care. as much as I can.”

5 Diana called her divorce “happy”

Asher Monroe and Diana Jenkins wearing masks on RHOBH

Over the years, fans of real housewives franchise has seen many divorces occur, and sometimes these become storylines in the series. Erika Jayne’s split from Tom Girardi was a big story in season 11 of RHOBH.

According DistractDiana received more than $195 million when she divorced Roger Jenkins, a banking executive whom she married in 1999. The former couple say they had “the happiest divorce ever.” time” and that they were married for a decade.

4 Drama suggested by Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle RHOBH

RHOBH actor Garcelle Beauvais joined the show in season 10 and Heavy reported that Garcelle was interviewed by The weekly scoop with CJ and suggested she have drama with Diana. Garcelle explained: “We have a new girl. Sheree Zampino is my friend. And then we have Diana Jenkins, who she and I had, we hit a bump, that’s all I can say.”

Fans expect tension and conflict when a new person joins the cast of a real housewives show, and there are often so many big personalities clashing that fights seem inevitable.

3 Diana has three children

Diana Jenkins smiling on RHOBH

At Diana’s RHOBH introduction, she shared that she has three children: baby Eliyanah Monroe, whom she shares with Asher, and her two children from her marriage, Eneya, 19, and Innis Jenkins, 22. Viewers saw a sweet scene at Diana and Asher’s house where they played with Eliyanah.

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Diana went through a very difficult time in her youth as she talked about living in Sarajevo, leaving during wartime and moving to London, England. Diana got married and explained that she was so poor but had a lot of money.

2 Diana and Elton John are close friends

While some real housewives the friendship ended terribly, others are still strong, and cast members sometimes talk about other famous people they are close with.

At the start of Season 12, Lisa and Sutton Stracke had some drama buying a table at a charity gala hosted by Elton John. Diana is close friends with Elton and her husband David Furnish and the pair appeared in a video Diana posted to her Instagram account, with Elton saying: “So Diana, thank you. Good luck tonight. We love you so much. Thank you for your support.”

1 Diana released a book called Room 23

Diana Jenkins wearing a red dress in a confessional on RHOBH

Many real housewives are involved in creative projects, in particular on RHOBHwith Kyle Richards launching a new store, which fans saw at the start of Season 12 and starring in the Halloween movies.

Diana pulled out a photography book, Room 23and according to The Guardian, Deborah Anderson took photos of famous people at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. Money from book sales has been donated to Diana’s charity.

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