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IHOFX.org increases the number of products listed by introducing new options contracts

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA, May 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — IHOFX, a leading commodity exchange in Asia that works hard to provide innovative products across different asset classes and create a brand culture known for its original methods and facilities for risk management and global insights, today announced the listing of iron ore options for trading purposes which will further enhance the derivatives system and contribute significantly development of the derivatives market while supporting the steel industry. In addition, the introduction of the new products aims to facilitate the creation of an international iron ore pricing system.

Iron ore is recognized as an important raw material for iron and steel and is essential for the development of the steel industry. The spot price of iron ore fluctuated due to various changes in the macroeconomic environment, however, it exhibited significant performance. With the increase in the price of the iron ore index, companies in the sector had requested the listing of options on iron ore and the diversification of the steel risk management system.

In addition to iron ore options, there was increased demand for iron ore futures. The iron ore futures market has demonstrated a steady and orderly functioning and continuously improving structure since the listing of iron ore futures a few years ago. A significant number of mining companies participated in futures trading. According to IHOFX’s research on the iron and steel trading industry, the open interest of corporate clients has increased year on year.

Iron ore futures trading has integrated a large number of customers from different countries and regions around the world, and the international impact is continuous. Currently, iron ore futures have advantages in terms of market scale, industry activity and international influence and provide a solid market base for iron options pricing.

About Incheon Options and Futures Exchange (IHOFX)
IHOFX is an exchange venue that has leveraged industry-leading technology and developed infrastructure to provide price-time allocation and maker-taker pricing model. IHOFX is one of the leading commodity exchanges in Asia and has made a name for itself by trading a wide range of commodities and financial products. IHOFX works hard to deliver innovative products across different asset classes and create a brand culture known for its original methods, risk management facilities and global knowledge.

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