Here’s who will be on the Spokane County primary ballot in August

The field of candidates for the August 2 primary election is set.

Filing Week, the five-day period in which politicians must formally file their candidacy to run for office in Washington, ended on Friday.

For many years, a flurry of candidates has appeared out of nowhere and entered the race on the last day. There weren’t many bombshells on Friday, although a few unexpected candidates decided to run.

Spokane County Commissioner Josh Kerns will not run unopposed after all in the race for District 3, which covers northern Spokane County.

The Republican incumbent will have to fend off Mead’s Wild Bill Schreiner. Schreiner asked to run without party affiliation. Little information about Schreiner exists online, and he could not be reached for comment.

County Commissioner District 2, which covers east Spokane, got more interesting on Friday.

Republican Glen Stockwell, a frequent election contender, will try to beat Democrat Amber Waldref and fellow GOP candidates Michael Cathcart and Bob Apple. Stockwell is the only District 2 candidate with no experience for Spokane City Council.

Stockwell was charged with assault in October after he attempted to punch State Sen. Mark Schoesler, a Republican from Ritzville.

In an article about his arrest, the Associated Press wrote that Stockwell lived in Ritzville. Stockwell could not be reached for comment, but he has previously advocated for the expansion of irrigated farmland in eastern Washington.

A few late filers are running for the state legislature.

Democrat Michaela Kelso is running in the 6th Legislative District against incumbent Jenny Graham, R-Spokane. Kelso grew up near Frankfurt, Germany, and moved to the United States in 1993 after marrying a soldier. She served 23 years in the military, spending time in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan before retiring in 2018.

Kelso said she would focus on fiscal responsibility, health care and education if elected, adding that she believes running for office is a good way to continue serving American citizens.

“I took an oath to respect and defend our Constitution and I don’t see that work in progress yet,” she said.

In the 4th Legislative District, Republican Leonard Christian will try to unseat incumbent Rep. Rob Chase, R-Liberty Lake.

Christian, a realtor who ran against Chase in 2020, briefly represented the 4th District in 2014. County commissioners appointed him to replace Rep. Larry Crouse, who retired before his term ended. , but Christian lost to Rep. Bob McCaslin Jr. in the August primary.

Christian said he’s running because he thinks Chase “has done very little in the last two years.” He said completing Spokane’s North Corridor would be a priority if voters sent him to Olympia.

Incumbent Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, has an opponent as she runs for re-election in the 7th Legislative District.

Republican Lonny Ray Williams, also of Republic, is a veteran who writes a monthly periodical called The Pamphlet with his wife. He said he was running to ensure that parents in Washington have the right to raise their children without government interference.

Here is the final field of candidates for the August primary:

Spokane County Commission:

District 1: Kim Plese (R), Chris Jordan (R)

District 2: Amber Waldref (R), Michael Cathcart (R), Bob Apple (R), Glen Stockwell (R)

District 3: Josh Kerns (R), Wild Bill Schreiner (no party affiliation)

District 4: Mary Kuney (right), Paul Brian Noble (right), Chris McIntosh (right)

District 5: Al French (R), Don Harmon (R), Tara Carter (independent), Maggie Yates (R)

Spokane County District Attorney: Larry Haskell (R), Stephanie Olsen (R), Stefanie Collins (R), Deb Conklin (nonpartisan)

Spokane County Sheriff: John Nowels (R), Michael Zollars (R), Wade Nelson (R)

Spokane County Auditor: Vicky Dalton (R), Bob McCaslin (R)

Spokane County Treasurer: Michael Baumgartner (R)

Spokane County Assessor: Tom Konis (R)

Spokane County Clerk: Tim Fitzgerald (R)

3rd Legislative District:

Representative, Position 1: Marcus Riccelli (D), Scotty Nicol (R)

Representative, Position 2: Timm Ormsby (D), Patrick Spurlock (no party affiliation), Natalie Poulson (R)

4th Legislative District:

Representative, Position 1: Suzanne Schmidt (R), MJ Bolt (R), Ted Cummings (D)

Representative, Position 2: Rob Chase (R), Leonard Christian (R)

6th Legislative District:

Senator: Jeff Holy (R)

Representative, Position 1: Mike Volz (R)

Representative, Position 2: Jenny Graham (R), Michaela Kelso (D)

7th Legislative District:

Senator: Shelly Short (R)

Representative, Position 1: Jacquelin Maycumber (R), Lonny Ray Williams (R)

Representative, Position 2: Joel Kretz (R)

9th Legislative District:

Representative, Position 1: Mary Dye (R)

Representative, Position 2: Joe Schmick (R)

Secretary of State: Steve Hobbs (D), Julie Anderson (no party affiliation), Bob Hagglund (R), Keith Wagoner (R), Tamborine Borrelli (America First), Mark Miloscia (R), Kurtis Engle (Union), Marquez Tiggs ( D)

5th congressional district: Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R), Ann Marie Danimus (R), Natasha Hill (R), Sean Clynch (R)

US Senate: Henry Clay Dennison (Socialist Workers), Mohammad Hassan Said (D), John Guenther (R), Tiffany Smiley (R), Dan Phan Doan (no party affiliation), Dr Pano Churchill (D), Dave Saulibio (Republican JFK ), Sam Cusmir (D), Bill Hirt (R), Jon Butler (Independent), Bryan Solstin (D), Martin D. Hash (no party affiliation), Patty Murray (D), Thor Amundson (Independent), Charlie (Chuck) Jackson (Independent), Naz Paul (Independent), Ravin Pierre (D), Leon Lawson (Republican Trump)

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