MEPs urge EU to start accession talks for Albania and North Macedonia

The European Parliament has called on the European Council to start discussions with Albania and North Macedonia, as both countries have fulfilled the conditions and achieved sustainable results.

According to a press release issued by the European Parliament, MEPs call on the EU to assess historically significant security complications for the unity and stability of the European continent, reports

The two countries have fulfilled the conditions to open accession negotiations with the European Council, but the letter has failed to open such discussions with them, which poses a serious danger to the enlargement of the policy in general. .

As the press release states, MEPs welcome Albania’s strategic orientation and dedication to European integration and express their support for the country’s aspirations to EU membership.

Furthermore, Parliament encourages Albania to maintain and step up its efforts to improve the judiciary, strengthen democracy and strengthen the rule of law and the economy.

Furthermore, Albania should pay more attention to the empowerment of civil society, the fight against corruption and organized crime, the guarantee of freedom of the media and the protection of the rights of minorities and the LGBTQI community.

“He continues to push forward with fundamental EU-related reforms and fulfills and maintains the conditions to start accession negotiations. It is only right that the Council finally agrees to open long-awaited negotiations with Albania, especially in the face of growing geostrategic challenges. said the EU rapporteur for Albania, Isabel Santos.

The report was adopted by 519 votes for, 52 against and 28 abstentions.

As with North Macedonia, the European Parliament welcomes the country’s continued efforts to strengthen the law, judicial independence and minority rights while fighting corruption and organized crime. In addition, MEPs urged the Balkan country to reform its public administration and guarantee media freedom.

“North Macedonia has demonstrated the best record of democratic transition in the Western Balkan region and is fully aligned with EU foreign policy in the face of Russian aggression against Ukraine,” Ilhan Kyuchyuk, the rapporteur for North Macedonia, noted.

He also praised North Macedonia’s commitment to resolving bilateral issues with Bulgaria and urged the two countries to find a mutually acceptable solution. With 508 votes for, 56 against and 35 abstentions, the report was adopted by the authority.

Like Albania and North Macedonia, Moldova aspires to become a member of the EU, as Moldovan President Maia Sandu called on the European Parliament to support the country’s efforts and commitment to join the bloc.

Montenegro, Turkey and Serbia are candidate countries for EU membership, while Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently potential candidates for EU membership.

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