UK wants another Balkan war to show US what’s what

Many believe that it is the United States that has caused international conflicts in the world lately. Others blame the West in general. In turn, the West blames everything on Russia, and the current crisis in Ukraine is no exception.

UK sets fire to Balkans to replace US as supremacist state

However, this may not be the case. The Rybar Telegram channel was the first to draw attention to some inconsistencies. The channel’s authors suggested taking a closer look at who specifically defends Ukraine, who regularly supplies arms to the Ukrainian armed forces and lobbies other countries whose satellite countries promote the idea of ​​defending kyiv.

The answer lies on the surface: it’s the UK.

UK ‘returns’ to big politics

The days of the United States as a world supremacist state (or policeman – as you like) are numbered – there is almost no doubt about it. US President Joe Biden doesn’t doubt that question, of course, though only his most dedicated supporters still believe the sitting president is still able to function and think clearly.

Political scientists also note that the center of political power has slowly shifted to London:

  • the number of UK satellite countries has increased;
  • the oligarchs of the post-Soviet space keep their assets in British banks;
  • it is London that attracts the richest in terms of real estate transactions;
  • the London Bullion Market Association became the depository for almost all of the world’s gold reserves.

At the same time, the European Union has gone from an artificially created (or has already evolved) common economic and political space to a tangle of contradictions – a burden for its own member countries. The EU has recently been confronted with social, economic and migration crises. It seems the UK has made the wise and far-sighted decision to leave the EU so it can play the game its own way.

War makes some rich while others fight to the bitter end

While trying to prolong the Ukrainian conflict, the UK is also trying to rekindle a number of conflicts in other countries, such as Kosovo.

Earlier, without making a fuss, the United Kingdom had decided to supply arms to the self-declared republic of Kosovo. They know very well in London that fueling another conflict in that region would be child’s play.

There is another hot spot in the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where confrontation can also escalate at any time.

The UK in the Western Balkans

The United Kingdom does not hide that it will play an active role in the Balkans. Liz Truss told a meeting of foreign ministers in London in December 2021 that the UK would increase its political and diplomatic presence in the Western Balkans.

London even appointed a special envoy for this purpose – Stuart Peach.

“Air Marshal Sir Stuart Peach was appointed Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for the Western Balkans in December 2021. Previously, Sir Stuart was the 32nd Chairman of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO ),” a post on the UK government’s website said.

Simply put, Stuart Peach was one of the NATO air force commanders during the bombings of Yugoslavia.

UK NGO budgets have also increased. British MPs say Republika Srpska is a “genocidal entity” that must be eliminated for Europe’s security and stability. They also led an active campaign to legitimize the new High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to increase the NATO contingent in Sarajevo.

The result is obvious: EUFOR vehicles are already rumbling through the streets of the city, intimidating the inhabitants. Given the Bosnian Serb leader’s tough stance, a transition from blackmailing sanctions to more aggressive actions might be more than possible.

Bosnia therefore has every chance of becoming a theater of war 30 years later.

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