European Fashion Council with a historic contribution to a united Europe –

European Fashion Council with a historic contribution to a united Europe

For the first time, the European Capital of Culture – Novi Sad 2022 and Serbia Fashion The week unites culture and fashion in!


On the eve of its 15th anniversary, which will be celebrated on May 19, 2022, the European representing fashion organization of the EU and European – European Fashion The Council has once again proven to be an important factor and author of strategies, causes and innovative ideas with a vision, which has established the leadership of the organization as a leading and privileged partner in the world fashion management.

The think tank, as it has often defined the 28-nation bloc with its Fashion Weeks and programs to support the fashion industry in the EU and Europe, has traced its know-how projects since the creation of the EU Strategy 2020. Then, at the beginning of 2010, it was recognized and integrated into its innovative program “Fashion Europe – 2020″ of 148 activities, completed and transformed today into an investment strategy”Fashion Horizon – 2050″ with 353 key ideas, causes and events. Certainly, strategists could change the vision not only of Europe but also of the world, by applying the power of fashion such as culture, education, economy, international relations and politics with a humanitarian, charitable and philanthropic mission.

The implementation of this mission began in 2012, a period during which the Serbia Fashion The week has been established in an international format to show and prove the importance of fashion art and industry. With the signature then in the municipality of Novi Sad, of the protocol of 7 EFC member states (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia), launched a useful program of international exchange of designers and their presentations on stage in other Fashion weeks in the EU, Europe and worldwide from China to USA, South America and Africa. This format is now applicable all over the world and follows the example set by the EFC of Novi Sad in Serbia Fashion Support week fashion designers.

In 2012, and this is no coincidence, the European The Union invited the EFC among 42 selected NGOs for culture, arts and education, and was rightly evaluated and recognized as one of the 16 structures approved for the implementation of the EU Convention- UNESCO for the protection and implementation of new forms of cultural diversity.

Within 10 years, in the course of 2022, the EFC and the example of Serbia with his national Fashion The week in Novi Sad showed and proved the most important thing, namely: the successful application of fashion as a new form of cultural diversity with MUCH MORE FUTURE through its inclusion (for the first time in Europe) in the calendar of the European Capital of Culture – Novi Sad 2022. This is a historic recognition of Serbia is for everyone fashion designers, made only by the National Chamber of Fashion of Serbia with Serbia Fashion Week, to add to the history of the world fashion management plus 3 new dimensions. The signed protocol launches the implementation of the following 3 concept projects, signed by Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia as members of the EFC Presidential Council:

The first of them is the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF FASHION with identical application and as an innovative development of the traditional EU proven annual project EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE – historical contribution of Novi Sad 2022 – Serbia;

The second is BALKAN FASHION WEEK & AWARDS given the historical contribution of SERBIAROMANIA and BULGARIA for the development of the Western Balkans through the implementation of the European Union of Arts and Ideas created by the EFC by its 28 member states;

The third conceptual project is the EUROPEAN FASHION WEEK ZONE identical to the EURO ZONE, but for the fashion industry and its strong management, investment development and support for high quality production – an excellent example of Europe in the world.

Signed by Bulgaria, Romania and SerbiaMinutes and Resolutions #14-5/2022 on behalf of all 28 EFC Member States за support and implementation of new initiatives through endorsement, partnership building and honorary parsonage are sent with invitations official documents and in original to Mr. Emanuel MACRON (France) – President of France and Mr. Jean CASTEX – the Prime Minister of France as President of the current French Presidency of the Council of the EUMr. Charles MICHEL (Kingdom of Belgium) – Chairman of the Council of the EUMs Roberta METSOLA (Malta) – President of the European Parliament, Ms Ursula von der LEYEN (Germany) – President of the European Commission and Mr Petr FIALA (Czech Republic) – Prime Minister of the Czech Republic as the next President of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. Their implementation is in favor of EU Recovery and sustainability plan in the post-covid period for reforms and investments not only of the fashion and creative industries at pan-European level, but also of the economies of EU and the rest of the world with the first stage of implementation until 2027.

With this press release, the EFC expresses its big THANK YOU from the 28 Member States to Ms Svetlana HORVAT for her work and contribution, to Mr Milos VUCHEVICH – the Mayor of Novi Sad and to the Members of Parliament of Vojvodina and of the Republic of Serbia for the recognition of fashion industry as part of culture with project European Capital of Culture – Novi Sad 2022.

Finally, the EFC would like to thank the Republic of FRANCE and the current French Presidency of the Council of the EU for this proudly making it possible for us to add more to French history the fashion traditions of the Napoleonic III era when the first in the world a Union of fashion designers (1868), whose contemporary followers also count European Fashion Advice.

We wish everyone fashion creators to be healthy, proudly and creatively inspired, because the European the podium is yours!

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