Speaker of Parliament visits Istrian Sausage Festival and comments on current topics

ZAGREB, May 15, 2022 – Speaker of Parliament Gordan Jandroković on Sunday visited an international sausage festival taking place in Sveti Petar u Šumi, describing it as an important event bringing together national companies and reflecting the synergy between the state , local government and producers.

Conceived as an event promoting the production and sale of traditional Croatian meat products, the Sveti Petar u Šumi festival sets an example of how to use the opportunities offered by EU membership and is proof that local government can be an effective partner for private business, says Jandroković.

“Istria is well known for its olive oil, wine and the restaurant and tourism industry, and the Sausage Festival is a new brand for the region which in many ways is leading the way. and sets an example, not only to other Croatian regions but to regions in other parts of Europe,” said Jandroković.

On Milanović, abortion law

Responding to questions from journalists, he declined to comment on President Zoran Milanović’s proposal to make Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership conditional on the reform of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s electoral law, saying that he found the Sausage Festival more important “than anything Milanović has to say on any subject.”

When asked if the Constitution should be amended to declare the right to abortion a constitutional right, which is a proposal to be presented by opposition parties, Jandroković said that it was an issue causing deep divisions in Croatian society.

We don’t need divisive topics

“Given the current situation, the deep global crisis, the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the serious announcements of a global recession, we do not need topics that cause divisions in society, we we have to work on mutual respect, tolerance and diversity,” said Jandroković. .

He went on to say that discussions on the subject had to be stopped because “there is a law which is in accordance with the Constitution and which, compared to the laws of other EU countries, is somewhere in the middle, neither too liberal nor too restrictive.

It is not wise to try to score political points on this subject, which some political parties are doing, he added.

Commenting on announcements that Slovenia would make Croatia’s entry into the passport-free travel Schengen area conditional on the implementation of the border arbitration decision, Jandroković said Croatia and Slovenia were so oriented l towards each other that neither country would benefit from any dispute.

“…I hope that we will continue in the spirit of good neighborly relations, taking care of our common interests. The current times are difficult, it is necessary to have friends, allies and partners instead of opening issues that divide us,” he said. .

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