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Madi, based in Tešanj, as one of the leaders of the food industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, now has the largest solar power plant for its own needs. Assistance in the implementation of this vital project not only for middaybut also the wider community, came through the EU4AGRI project.

“When we encountered supply problems during the pandemic, we realized how important our independence was and how important it was that the resources we use came from BiH,” said Emina Salkičević-Dizdarević, Director Marketing and General Affairs midday the society.

For more than two decades, the midday company operates in the processing and production of various meat products to the highest standards. Today it is recognized as the absolute leader in the Bosnian market and it is one of the few companies authorized to export fresh chicken meat to the European Union market.

The quality of the production process and distribution to its end users is in the hands of the army of midday‘s – about 630 of them are employed directly in this company and more than 500 cooperate through subcontracted farms.

The uncertainty caused by the global pandemic and the hampered work processes were an additional incentive for the company to embark on a new investment, unique in its kind in BiH.

“It’s about building a plant to produce electricity using solar energy. This plant was designed exclusively for our needs and is the largest project in Bosnia and Herzegovina for this purpose,” says Ermina.

Solar panels are installed on an area of ​​5,500 square meters and allow the production of electricity for midday, enough to cover about 15 percent of its total consumption. This will help the company reduce costs, ensure a smooth production process, but also a certain level of autonomy.

“We are large consumers of electricity and this investment is of great importance to us, especially given the announced increase in the price of electricity for businesses. The contribution of this investment is enormous, not only economically for us who will be using this power plant, but also for the environment,” explains Ermina.

Investing in renewable energy is part of a series of efforts by Madi to improve its work processes, while taking care to preserve and protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

According to the current estimate, midday will produce 1147 MWh of electricity per year thanks to its solar panels, which will directly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by around 900 tonnes.

In midday they do not hide their satisfaction with the project implemented, and announce new investments in order to further reduce their costs and contribute to the protection of the environment.

“After seeing all the benefits of this project, we decided to expand the plant. We will invest additional equity in increasing another 1 MWh of solar energy. In this way, we will produce around 30% of our energy from our own sources. We are very concerned about the environment as a company and this is one of the measures we want to take to contribute to our community at large”, adds Ermina.

The construction of the solar power plant was supported by the EU4AGRI project with 300,000 BAM, while the value of the investment amounted to 600,000 BAM.

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