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The CDU deputy in the German Bundestag, Michael Brand, gave an interview to the German newspaper “Tageszeitung” in which, when asked: how does he assess the situation in the Balkans, which is again in the spotlight with the war in Ukraine, he said that “Bosnia and Herzegovina for months in the center of attention due to the danger of a new war and before Putin’s fierce attack on Ukraine”, reports Deutsche Welle.

“The axis that goes from the Republika Srpska to Russia via Serbia is an axis capable of waging war. Croatian nationalists from BiH should be added to this,” says Brand and adds:

“Finally, we must stop lying so that peace can be assured with the extremists. We must be determined to deal with the extremists even before it is too late.

“Germany and the EU have contributed to getting out of the game due to faulty analyzes and commitments. Dodik’s insults must simply be ignored. The announcement of the reinforcement of EUFOR troops is without effect because the mandate expires in a few months, and its extension in the UN Security Council will not pass due to Russia’s veto.This week, the NATO Secretary General explicitly mentioned the protection of BiH.If we want effectively prevent the next war in Europe, then peace must be ensured militarily by NATO, especially in Brcko (strategically the most important place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, TAZ),” Brand said in an interview with TAZ, writes Avaz.

Croatia must set limits for its own extremists

On April 8, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic rewarded Mostar veterans whose commanders were convicted of war crimes in The Hague. There is no criticism of Croatia’s nationalist course in Berlin, said Erich Rathfelder, a TAZ reporter who spoke to Brand.

The brand responds to this statement:

“The Croatian president is an extremist politician, who has gone from a former communist to an ultranationalist. He doesn’t have that much power. More important is Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, who has so far been pro-European. He is now under pressure from extreme nationalists. The existence of borders is indisputable in international law and in Europe. Croatia must no longer actively threaten the constitution and statehood of the neighboring country, either externally or internally, but must set borders for its own extremists.

German Foreign Minister Annaelna Baerbock recently told the Bundestag that deeper analyzes and strategies were lacking in Berlin. What did she mean by that?

“Ms. Burbock publicly leaves the impression that she constantly follows constitutional, legal and European policies in the Balkans, which she does not really do. Apparently, the German Foreign Minister does not have her own concepts and relies on the apparatus of the ministry. Burbock must finally take matters into his own hands and work closely with those who are putting the European solution for BiH on the table. Because it is only with actors in the civil society that we will find a way out of the Bosnian dilemma and achieve stability, peace and the rule of law,” said Brand.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Russia does not recognize Schmidt

After the high representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, repealed a bill on real estate, Russia no longer wants to recognize it.

The Russian Embassy in Sarajevo called Schmidt’s decision illegal, writes Bayerische Rundfunk, and reports that a statement from the Russian Embassy also indicates that if Schmidt’s decision is not reversed, the country of Balkans is threatened with possible destabilization. The “single representative of the international community” is responsible for this.

“Political tensions in Bosnia have been rising for months. Dodik, backed by Russia, has repeatedly threatened to separate Republika Srpska from the central Bosnian state. However, recently the Bosnian Serb leader himself stopped these efforts,” writes Bayerische Rundfunk.

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