The European Union has opened the competition to choose the destination of excellence 2023

This initiative aims to recognize and reward small destinations that have successfully implemented strategies to promote sustainable tourism through green transformation practices.

danish city Medium It is located on the island of Funen, the third largest country in the country European destination of excellence 2022Last year he was selected from a total of 50 candidates, as part of the relaunch of this initiative launched in 2007, but renewed with the objectives of the European Green Deal in mind. So far, 175 destinations from 27 countries have received the award each year for different themes.

This competition aims to promote the development of sustainable tourism in destinations that add value to the economy, the planet and people

He is Open to EU countries And those who do not belong but participate in COSME Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Since 2007, the European Commission has been supporting EU Member States and members of this program Reward non-traditional sustainable tourism destinations The Old Continent was honored by the EDEN Prize.

By selecting and promoting EDEN destinations, the European Union aims to promote models for the sustainable management of tourist destinations across Europe.

Applications will first be assessed by a A group of independent experts on sustainable development. In the second step, three small towns Submit their proposal to the European Jury, which will select the winner. The European Destination of Excellence 2023 will be announced in November 2022.

To compete for this title, destinations will need to demonstrate their best practices in sustainable tourism and environmental transformation.

The winning destination will position itself as a leader in tourism sustainability Committed to goals European Green Deal It will benefit from the support of communication and brand development experts in the European Union throughout 2023.

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