A businessman from Dubai buys the tobacco factory in Mostar? – Sarajevo Time

Dubai businessman Jassim Abdullah Ibrahim Alhuwai buys Mostar tobacco factory for six million BAM after making the best offer in a public sale in Mostar City Court among nine interested buyers for the former giant of Mostar in the second round.

He was given the deadline to pay five million and 990,000 BAM before April 22, as he had already paid 10,000 BAM for the deposit, like all interested buyers, in order to officially become the owner of the Mostar factory.

Aida Kajtaz, a former worker at the Mostar factory, who together with her colleagues has followed the whole process with great uncertainty, tells us that she is surprised by the number of interested buyers and the amount offered, considering that it is twice as high as during the last attempt to sell.

I hope the Dubai investor will disburse the money on time and that our agony will end, that there will be the bridge our service periods and this some money will be paid ours, said Kajtaz.

The last buyer of this Mostar factory was Swiss entrepreneur Mirsad Rahimic, a native of Mostar who wanted to help his city but failed due to a number of complications during the buying process, and he also expressed interest in buying this time.

The second largest buyer of the Mostar tobacco factory after the Dubai businessman is the owner of Visoko’s Komochem doo, who offered BAM 5.5 million, and the third is the owner of the company Siroki Brijeg Namex with 5 million and 10,000 BAM, while the fourth East Mesud Hrbat with five million. The fifth was Swiss entrepreneur Mirsad Rahimic from Mostar with 4.8 million BAM, and the sixth interested buyer was Marko Bodiroga with 4.7 million BAM, the seventh has been Penny plus with 4.4 million BAM, eighth Hercinvest with 3.5 million BAM and ninth HP Investing with 2.5 million BAM.

Production at the factory, which also operated in the most difficult moments of the war, with a capacity of 20 dunums of land, ended in 2007. Later, the workers fought for their rights, but also for the survival of the company in which they spent their working life.

The estimated value of the Mostar tobacco factory complex was 21 million. However, due to a series of lawsuits and debts, the real estate of one of the four oldest companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), in which the federal government owns 67% of the state’s capital, allegedly had to be sold for three million BAM. , according to the latest decision of the Municipal Court of Mostar.


Source: klix.ba

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