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The milk and dairy industry will face an increase in the prices of raw materials, feed, cereals and all that is necessary for production, which will certainly affect the final price of the products, which is why competent government institutions should facilitate business in this strategic branch, said the president of the Chamber of Foreign Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ahmet Egrlic.

The authorities must adopt many measures to ensure the growth and prosperity of this sector, Egrlic told reporters at the start of the Assembly session of the Milk and Dairy Processors Group.

He said that in light of all the events in BiH and in the world, the dairy industry has a foreign trade deficit and it is slightly below average.

He says that the coverage of imports by exports is around 66%, and in this sector it is around 53%.

“We import 177 million BAM of dairy products, of which only cheese accounts for about 92 million BAM, while in total this industry and branch of the economy exports about 93 million BAM,” Egrlic said.

According to him, food, energy and the pharmaceutical industry are the three key branches of the economy that every country needs, and in this sense, BiH should work to strengthen them.

He believes that it would be good to support the reduction and abolition of excise duties on fuels, to differentiate the VAT rate, to reduce taxes and contributions on wages and thus to relieve the economy.

Egrlic said that the Assembly of the Group of Milk and Dairy Processors of Bosnia and Herzegovina will today discuss current issues and some technical issues, such as elections within this association.

The representative of the dairy industry “99” from Gradacac, Indira Omeragic, underlined that the dairy industry is experiencing big problems due to the crisis and that the competent institutions must react immediately.

Omeragic says that they have problems with spring sowing, and if the competent institutions do not take certain measures, there will be a reduction in fodder.

As for the sowing itself, she said the seeds provided were 20-30% more expensive than last year, and the biggest problem was fertilizer, which had become 300% more expensive.

She pointed out that the problems caused will increase the price of milk and dairy products.

“We hope to solve the new problems with the relevant institutions,” Omeragic said, adding that they welcome the abolition of excise duties and the reduction of the differential rate of VAT.

Source: BHRT

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