BiH Financial Stability Standing Committee meeting held – Sarajevo Times

The Standing Committee for Financial Stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SCFS) held a meeting on the analysis of the situation of the financial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It was concluded that the restructuring process of Sberbank BH dd Sarajevo and Sberbank ad Banjaluka was successfully completed. All previous risks related to the former owner have been removed, banking stability has been preserved, the protection of customers and depositors has been ensured, thus ensuring the stability of the entire banking system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The CBBH guarantees monetary stability, as each BAm is hedged into euros. It has fully fulfilled its task and is providing liquidity to all commercial banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina without delay.

All deposits in commercial banks are insured up to an amount of BAM 50,000, which is guaranteed by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Deposit Insurance Agency.

The safety, liquidity and capitalization of the banking sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina are confirmed. Banks can respond to all requests from their depositors, including requests for cash withdrawals, and, respecting the current operational circumstances, they will ensure the continuity of their operations according to the needs of citizens and the economy. .

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