Croatia stand firm against Ukraine


ZAGREB, February 25, 2022 – Parliamentary groups on Friday unanimously supported the adoption of a statement on Ukraine by the Sabor which condemns in the strongest terms Russia’s unprovoked aggression against sovereignty, the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine with the message “Croatia stands firm with you”.

Hardly anyone could have expected a war on the European continent in the 21st century, which could have inconceivable consequences for security and the economy. The world order is challenged. This is not just happening to Ukraine but to all of us, MEPs stressed during the debate on the declaration.

They strongly supported the provision of humanitarian and technical assistance to Ukraine and expressed their readiness to welcome its refugees.

“Croatia stands firm with you,” added minority MP Vladimir Bilek (National Minorities Group), adding that peace and order in the world are facing the biggest challenge since World War II and that the situation in Ukraine reminds us very much of the 1991-1995 war. .

“May God save the Ukrainian people,” said Stephen Nikola Bartulica (Movement for the Fatherland), saying that we live in a dangerous world. He is also concerned about Serbia’s failure to condemn Russian aggression, adding that Croatia is justified in buying fighter jets and investing in its defense resources.

He warned that the sanctions against Russia will also have repercussions on the Croatian economy, hence the importance of considering the security of the LNG terminal.

Marijan Pavliček (Croatian sovereignists) warned that the crisis could spread to our neighborhood – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. “We have to be careful and protect the interests of the Croatian people,” Pavliček stressed.

Krešo Beljak (HSS and RF) said Croatia should put pressure on neighboring countries to declare who they side with and make a clear call for their joining the NATO alliance.

MP Milorad Pupovac (SDSS) expressed his solidarity with Ukrainian citizens and said that it would be a great loss if after the fall of the Berlin Wall a new iron curtain was lifted.

Davor Ivo Stier (HDZ) said Croatia strongly supports the European journey for South East Europe and NATO allies in our neighborhood and called for the future of Europe to be open to Serbia and Kosovo.

He called on the Bosnian leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to accept the Croats as equal partners and not to force them into tactical cooperation with Banja Luka and the authorities of the Republika Srpska entity which is a branch of Belgrade.

The lawmakers hailed the unity expressed by the country’s leaders, the prime minister and the president in these trying times.

All parliamentary groups welcomed the adoption of the declaration on Ukraine and condemned Russia’s unprovoked aggression, sending a message of solidarity and encouragement to the Ukrainian people.

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