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Sunday morning

yvette cooperLabor’s Home Secretary, reiterated the need for a “strong and united response” to Ukraine and “extremely strong, swift and severe” sanctions against Russia.

  • On the Ukrainian crisis: “We need a very strong and united response to this Russian belligerence. This is extremely serious and no one should be naive about what Russia is doing and the magnitude of the troops amassed on the Ukrainian border. And that’s why I think there has to be these extremely strong, quick and severe economic sanctions, financial sanctions, as far as the energy sector is concerned.
  • On whether Labor has an interventionist foreign policy: ‘Even though we may have had different views on the leadership in the past, we have always had a policy of supporting NATO and supporting the right kind Answer.”
  • On the intervention in Ukraine: “We are not saying that we should back off and do nothing. We are saying we should provide the kind of training support that Ukraine needs and the kind of equipment that Ukraine needs and be prepared to provide the kind of clear economic sanctions.
  • She called for a response from the Interior Ministry on “the so-called golden visas, Tier 1 visas” (which are granted to investors, many of whom are Russian nationals) and other financial responses.
  • On Diane Abbott saying Keir Starmer is a pro-war Labor leader: “I don’t think that’s fair. This is speaking in terms of caricatures. I said we did the wrong thing in Iraq, there was no WMD, but I also think in the past there was the right response, as far as Bosnia and serious issues what was there.
  • On whether you’re welcome in Labor if you don’t support NATO: “I think that’s always been our policy. In the 2019 elections, our policy was to support NATO.
  • On Sadiq Khan evicting Cressida Dick: “Once that trust was lost, the Met Commissioner was right to resign and I support the mayor’s decision. But what concerns me in this whole debate is that it focuses on an individual appointment and a police force. I think the challenges for the police are much broader than that and there needs to be reforms led by the Home Office.
  • She added: “You’ve seen similar issues in Leicestershire, Sussex, Police Scotland and other forces as well.”
  • On Rosie Duffield considering leaving Labour: “I spoke to Rosie about some of the issues she is facing. She has also suffered abuse in her area as well as members of her local party, which in my opinion is completely unacceptable. It is really important that we ensure that members of Parliament, everyone, are protected from abuse. »
  • On why Starmer isn’t giving Duffield more support: “There’s been a very strong feeling among female MPs that we want to support Rosie.”

Trevor Phillips Sunday

Peter KyleLabor Party’s Northern Ireland secretary, warned that the Good Friday deal is “under huge pressure at the moment” because the UK government is “playing fast and loose with its words on protocol”.

  • On Northern Ireland: “The Good Friday Agreement is currently under enormous pressure because we have a government that does not represent all of Northern Ireland. This is only part of the politics of Northern Ireland.
  • On the DUP: ‘If you look at what the leader, Jeffrey Donaldson, said, it’s very, very clear…they’ve had a series of deals with the Conservative Party and with Boris Johnson, and every promise they made have done. was made by Boris Johnson was broken. They have been lied to several times.
  • Asked what Labor would do in office: ‘I would have canceled that trip to the United States and been there from the moment things got unstable…Get people around the table, figure out some of the challenges and save things.
  • On protocol: “The government has played fast and loose with its words on protocol. It is clear that they do not believe that the negotiations will succeed. They don’t have a plan B in place and if they trigger Article 16 it will have implications for the whole of the UK economy.
  • He added: “There has been double talk from the government. There will be no doublespeak from Labor and we will return to the principle that Labor is the honest broker Northern Ireland needs.
  • Asked what Labor would do about the protocol: ‘The protocol needs to evolve… The way to evolve the protocol is to have a working relationship with the EU – at the moment they are dysfunctional.’
  • On negotiations and the Tories: “We all know where this is going, the problem is that this is not acceptable to a small faction of the Tory Party who are currently demanding a ransom from Prime Minister Boris Johnson – including Liz Truss, who is playing for them because of his own leadership ambitions.
  • On the government: “The government is not acting in good faith… They made a deal that they are trying to distance themselves from. This is the deal that Boris Johnson brokered. It’s his business. He didn’t even read it before signing it.
  • On Sadiq Khan withdrawing his confidence from Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick: “Yes, unfortunately it has come to the point where Cressida Dick has had to accept responsibility for all the ongoing revelations and inaction with reform. “
  • On Russia and a sanctions regime against Vladimir Putin’s regime: “I have absolutely no confidence that the government is equipped to deal with this simply because, when you look at all the tax reform that it has done so far, they are not doing it in the interest of the British economy, they are doing it in the interest of the people who give money to the Conservative Party.

Speaking of the situation in Ukraine, Brandon Lewis said an “imminent Russian incursion is entirely possible”. He said the UK hopes for a “diplomatic outcome” but warned that “something much more tragic could happen”.

The Northern Ireland secretary told viewers that the UK was “not in that position yet” to introduce sanctions against Putin and his regime. He also said that Johnson had “made the big decisions well” and had his “100% absolute loyalty and more”.

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