North Macedonia to allow more capacity for rooftop solar power systems

North Macedonia has spent less than 120 million euros to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis, said Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi. He revealed that the government was set to change the rules to allow more capacity for rooftop photovoltaic systems for households and businesses.

There are currently no rotating blackouts in North Macedonia and no price shocks for households and small consumers, Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi told reporters in Tetovo. He said that Serbia, Kosovo*, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other neighboring countries had spent billions in recent months to manage the energy crisis, while his government had spent less than 120 million euros.

Regulations governing the maximum capacities of rooftop solar power plants will be changed, Bekteshi said. He said households would be allowed to install 6kW instead of the current 4kW limit, while the cap for businesses would be tripled to 60kW.

Permitted capacity for rooftop power stations for businesses set to be tripled to 60kW

The price of electricity on the power exchanges is 240 euros per MWh, while the production price of the public company ESM is 61 euros per MWh, according to Bekteshi. He also said that the TE-TO cogeneration plant in Skopje, currently controlled by ESM as part of emergency measures to mitigate the effects of the crisis, sells electricity to the government for 190 euros per MWh.

Authorities have received 6,500 applications for grants from low-income households to offset rising electricity bills and another 200 applications could be sent by post, Bekteshi revealed. He said the government would grant 9.8 to 13 euros per household per month. The plan was to cover 7,000 households with the program.

North Macedonia’s utilities produce electricity below market prices

North Macedonia only finances state-owned companies with its emergency measures, the minister stressed.

The Tetovo Technological Industrial Development Zone should get a “green zone” for investments in electricity generation from renewable sources, Bekteshi said, adding that the government was close to reaching an agreement with the management. of the area.

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