Asseco South Eastern Europe SA: SEE (ASEE) acquires a majority stake in BS Telecom Solutions, specialized in complete telecommunications, intelligent traffic and Smart City information systems.

With this acquisition, ASEE strengthens its portfolio of telecommunications, intelligent traffic and AI-driven Smart City systems.

ASEE has acquired a 60% stake in BS Telecom Solutions (BSTS), consolidating its position as a regional market leader in Southeast Europe in the area of ​​business digitalization. The acquisition is part of ASEE’s business expansion strategy to continuously offer its customers the most advanced products and services.

“Our entry into the ASEE Group is significant from the point of view of strengthening the position of the company in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region. It also represents a chance for the expansion of the company in the global market. It is certain that the ASEE Group, through its operations in 23 countries, can greatly contribute to the expansion of our products into new markets.Together, we can achieve better business results.On the other hand, BS Telecom Solutions, in as a regional leader in the field of intelligent traffic systems and smart city solutions, will complement ASEE’s product portfolio with its products, reinforce and confirm ASEE’s leading position in new or existing industrial sectors”, said said Mirza Varatanović, director of BSTS.

The mission of the BSTS is based on the research and development of new services, products and clean technologies, engineering solutions in the field of telecommunications, design and engineering of intelligent systems for telecommunications companies.

“BSTS shares with us the common values ​​of the highest reputation and competence in all respectable areas of its business, with a solid knowledge of the most dynamic and promising industries today. I believe that ASEE, with the BSTS team, is going to be even more synonymous with excellence, knowledge and confidence in telecommunications, as well as in banking, software production, electronic services”, commented Tomasz Ciborek, Group Sales Operations Director of Asseco South-Eastern Europe.

Darko Glamočanin, Executive Director of ASEE Sarajevo, added: “Since its establishment, ASEE has taken a leading position in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a service provider and software producer in the financial sector. For years we have built a market leading position. and driver of change recognized in the business world as a company ready to meet the latest challenges and apply transformational technologies such as cloud services, analytics, big data and AI We welcome BSTS, a new member of ASEE I am sure that together we will strengthen our position in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region and will support our customers even better in their digitalization process.”

About BSTS

BSTS was founded in 2002. and has established a reputation in the markets as a leading product service provider and complete system integrator of telecommunications, smart traffic and smart city information. . The solutions are based on modern technologies and clean products built through investments in technological research.

The main objective of BSTS is that by building a suitable system, the customer is always competitive in the market and can increase his profitability.

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