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RIYADH: On the sidelines of the LEAP technical conference in Riyadh, Huawei Consumer Business Group opened its doors at the company’s new store in the capital, its largest overseas flagship store.

The inauguration of the store took place on February 2, at Riyadh Front on King Salman Road and Airport Road, in the presence of Khalid Al-Falih, Minister of Investment; Abdullah Alwaha, Minister of Communications and Information Technology; Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan, President of the Saudi Electronic Sports Federation; Pablo Ning, President of Huawei Consumer Business Group in the Middle East and Africa; Eric Yang, CEO of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia; and other senior representatives.

Speaking at the inauguration, Al-Falih said, “Saudi Arabia continues to drive its rapid transformation towards a digital economy at a steady pace. Whether it is government, local businesses or individual consumers contributing to this breakthrough, we will all reap its benefits of connectivity, competitiveness, efficiency and overall enrichment of our lifestyles. With this in mind, we welcome Huawei’s increased commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the organization continues to expand its presence in the region.

In an exclusive interview with Arab News, Vice President of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, Bill Yu, shed some light on Huawei’s plans in the Kingdom.

Yu explained the inauguration in Riyadh and the government partnership by saying, “Huawei’s strategic vision is in line with the Saudi government’s vision to attract more businesses, enable continuous knowledge transfer and contribute to the development of the retail sector in the Kingdom. .

“Huawei opened the store as part of its broader plan to expand its vision and reach within the Kingdom, and visitors to Huawei’s new flagship store will be able to enjoy a rich full-story experience with immersive demonstrations. Huawei’s latest smart devices and technologies in 5G, artificial intelligence and the cloud.

Yu also said that Huawei reflects the dynamic lifestyle changes taking place in Saudi Arabia with “pervasive intelligence and showing how Huawei’s technology can improve the daily lives of consumers in the Kingdom.”

Regarding Huawei’s performance in the Kingdom over the past year, Yu said the Saudi market is important to Huawei and the tech giant “will continue to invest there and bring consumers the compelling and innovative technology experiences across a broad spectrum.” range of products.”

He said Huawei has maintained a stable and positive business performance in the Kingdom by working hard to implement its “1+8+N” Seamless AI Life strategy, where: “1” stands for mobile phone users; “8” represents tablets, PCs, VR devices, wearables, smart displays, smart audio, smart speakers and head units; and “N” represents pervasive IoT devices.

“Driven by the Super Device Ecosystem and Huawei Mobile Services, this strategy allows different types of devices to seamlessly share their capabilities and information, providing consumers with an intelligent experience in five key scenarios: smart office, fitness and health, smart home, easy travel, and entertainment. This strategy has enabled Huawei not only to diversify its product portfolio in Saudi Arabia, but also to grow steadily,” Yu said.

“Huawei places great importance on continuously promoting innovation in everything it does and is firmly committed to bringing more products to Saudi Arabia in 2022 and beyond,” he added. .

Chairman Ning said, “At Huawei, we have always considered consumer engagement a top priority. The relationship we have established with our customers goes beyond buying and selling. We have a deeper connection with our customers. We created this store in Riyadh as a place where consumers and developers can come together and learn about the latest advances in consumer technology. Huawei has also integrated a seamless AI life zone into this space, giving customers the opportunity to explore the seamless AI life that ubiquitous connectivity and the Internet of Everything are ushering in.

The store is located in the heart of the beautiful Riyadh Front shopping complex and is adjacent to luxury boutiques. The flagship store overlooks an entertainment plaza with expansive green spaces and water features. Once customers step inside, they are greeted by a sleek, pristine white interior that places a range of Huawei’s latest products and services at the heart of the experience.

CEO Yang said, “With this new launch, Huawei is committed to supporting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals of achieving digital transformation and cementing the Kingdom’s position as a technology hub in the region. . We are grateful to the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for supporting Huawei’s ambition and paving the way for this success. As a leading global technology company, Huawei opened the store as part of its broader plan to expand its reach within the Kingdom and demonstrate its commitment to accelerating the process of digital awareness. .

Huawei aims to improve the daily lives of consumers in the Kingdom. »

The store spans over 2,000 square meters and features a minimalist design. Visitors can enjoy smart experiences in five scenarios: Smart Home, Mobile Office, Fitness and Health, Easy Travel and Entertainment. In addition, more than 40 advisors will be available to advise consumers on the products. These staff members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring their own strengths and experiences from the worlds of sports, music as well as vlogging. They will share with customers their interests and hobbies in addition to providing customers with suggestions and technical support.

At the store, consumers can expect to check out all of Huawei’s latest devices, including the new P50 Pro, P50 Pocket and MateBook E.

The launch of Huawei’s new flagship store was made possible through close collaboration with Kaden Investment, owner of Riyadh Front, which also offers real estate products tailored to the requirements of global businesses.

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