Instead of spending time with corrupt politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I would prefer economic topics – Sarajevo Times

United States (US) diplomat Gabriel Escobar said his state would continue to press for unblocking state authorities.

He said this in an interview for the Kosovo Reporters portal, in which he spoke about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

“Dayton has maintained the peace for 25 years and the United States remains fully committed to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH. The United States will continue to push for a diplomatic solution to the political crisis and the return of Bosnian Serb parties to state institutions,” he said.

According to him, the fact is that corruption and the current situation in BiH affect all constituent peoples and make it impossible for the economy of this country to thrive.

Escobar indicated that the United States should continue to operate in BiH.

“Instead of spending time meeting with corrupt officials, I would prefer that the United States devote its energy to showcasing the great talents and economic potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I hope politicians will agree that it is more necessary to focus on the needs of their people than to win political points or fight for personal enrichment and personal gain,” he concluded in a interview with Reporters.

As a reminder, in an interview with CNN in the middle of last month, he pointed out that only Belarus and Azerbaijan are worse than BiH in terms of corruption.



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