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At the time of difficult economic, politicalsocial, and the health conditions in our country, the Federation Tax Administration can claim to have been extremely successful. Last year was a banner year for this institution in terms of taxpayer payments, which amount to over 5 billion and 600 million BAM.

Given that the capacity of the tax system determines the capacity of the state, through regular tax payments, taxpayers expanded, increased, and strengthened the capacity of the state and thus contributed to creating the conditions for a better life for all citizens.

“This is the largest amount of government revenue paid by the jurisdiction of the tax administration since it has existed. If we compare the government revenue payments of this year and previous years, we can conclude that the government revenue collection in 2021 is higher than the previous year just over 485 million or 9.44 percent”Noted Serif Isovicdirector of tax administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH).

The filling of the State treasury was also ensured by the increase in the number of tax systems, the number of tort orders, as well as the debt on payment orders. the The Federal Tax Administration has declared that it will continue its activities aimed at reducing the gray economy and strengthening fiscal discipline.

“We urge taxpayers to meet their tax obligations on a timely basis as it is the safest way for them to do business and it is much better to spend the money they would spend on fines or interest on their development. , their investments, and salAries to the workers. Isovic pointed out outside.

At the end, Isovic highlighted special gratitude to the citycitizens who have submitted more than 1.000 reports in 2021 and helped with their information to discover various forms of irregularitiesties. Therefore, the tax of the FBiH Administration invites citizens to report non-compliance with tax laws, employment of unregistered workers, non-issuance of tax invoices, and other corrupt acts.


Source: Federalna

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