The excess air pollution response plan updated in Sarajevo – Sarajevo Times

The township government Sarajevo (CS) adopted an updated plan of intervention measures in the event of excessive air pollution in the canton.

The adoption of the intervention plan is a legal obligation, and it is applied in cases where the authorized values ​​of pollutants in the air that could harm the health of the population have been exceeded.

On the basis of a constant analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures, as well as the results of research carried out with professional institutions, the Ministry of Municipal Economy, Infrastructures, Space Planning, Constructionn and environmental protection of CS constantly proposes to innovate the Plan to make the measures as effectiveis lying as possible. The acquired experiences as well as the practices of other European cities facing a similar problem are used in implementation uses.

According to the ministry, the objective is to strengthen the responsibility of all the entities in charge of the implementation of the Plan, but also to improve collective awareness of the importance of compliance with the measures in the interest of the protection of the health of the population. In addition, the situation regarding the adoption of regulations in this area is continuously monitored.

Thus, the new regulation on technical inspections of vehicles, based on the law on the fundamental principles of road safety in Bosnia Herzegovina (BH), allowed a more complete regulation of the obligations of control of the exhaust gases of the vehicles and the work of the techniciansall inspection posts, and the actions of the bodies responsible for traffic and internal affairs.

One of the innovators measures specifies the prohibition of the waste incineration and others non-vegetative material in in the open air and in installations which are not intended for the incineration of waste.

He is determined, among other things, that it is punishable to dispose of hot ashes in municipal waste containers, which will be subject to increased surveillance by the municipal prefects.

The new plan excludes the possibility of introducing an even-odd driving system in the “Alert” episode, due to implementation difficulties, “it was said by the protocol and the press CS Service.

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