Prime Minister at the top of the Central European Initiative (CEI)

The main theme of the SPS Summit was the enlargement of the European Union and the strengthening of cooperation with the CIS member states of Eastern Europe. Other hot topics for the CIS include current challenges related to sustainable development, international scientific cooperation, the economy of the region after the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of CIS operations within the financial framework. existing.

Prime Minister Janša spoke about the importance of integrating the Western Balkans into the European Union and strengthening the EU’s cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries. He underlined the historic unifying role of the CIS, which, faced with current international challenges, has the opportunity to once again become an important forum for cooperation between the European Union and the countries of its eastern and south-eastern borders. The Prime Minister thanked the IEC for its help, because in cooperation with the World Health Organization, it has helped to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IEC is a regional forum which promotes cooperation and integration between the countries of Central, Western and South-Eastern Europe at political, economic and cultural levels. The objective of the SPS is to strengthen cooperation in the field of culture, science, tourism, economic and cross-border activities, support for CIS countries which do not yet have the status of candidate states in the process of d membership. The IEC is politically led by the country holding the presidency (one year presidency) and has an executive secretariat based in Trieste. The CIS has 17 members: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

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