Kremlin spokesman confirms Putin received Milorad Dodik in the Kremlin – Russian Politics & Diplomacy


MOSCOW, December 3. / TASS /. Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin received Serbian member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik in the Kremlin.

“We did not announce this. It is true that the leader of Republika Srpska met Putin face to face. It was a very useful and detailed discussion,” Peskov said.

In response to a detailed question as to why the Kremlin refrained from announcing the meeting that preceded it, on December 2, Peskov explained that “the main event of yesterday was the broad conference that the president has outfit [on the situation in the coal industry]. You see, we were in a hurry. The conference was a priority, of course, ”Peskov said.

“But that in no way diminishes the importance of the meeting with Milorad Dodik”, he stressed.

Earlier, Dodik said he had agreed with Putin that the current gas price for Republika Srpska would remain unchanged. He also stressed that the Russian leader supports the idea of ​​extending the Balkan Stream gas pipeline in Republika Srpska. This issue will be on the agenda for Friday’s meetings with Gazprom officials. In addition, Dodik said he discussed the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Putin.


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