BiH set to receive BAM 14 million from the sale of former embassies in New York and Bern


Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected to receive around 14 million Marks from the sale of the ex-SFRY embassy and residence in Bern, and the sale of the SFRY permanent mission to the UN in New York , writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

Namely, the Joint Committee for the Distribution of Diplomatic and Consular Assets of the former SFRY will initiate the procedure for the sale of the embassy and residence of the former Yugoslavian RSF in Bern and the permanent representation of the RFSY in New York.

Serbia acquires embassy in Bern

As for the embassy in Bern, the proposal of the joint sale approval decision indicates that the offer in the amount of 7.7 million Swiss francs (approximately 14.2 million BAM) has been accepted, of which BiH is expected to receive 15 percent, or about two million marks.

The buyer of the embassy and residence in the Swiss capital is Serbia, which will purchase the co-ownership shares of the remaining four successor states, and they will be distributed among these four states on the basis of the Agreement on Social Issues. succession. –

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina will fulfill the obligations based on the payment of costs in the procedure for concluding the contract, as well as the amount of other costs caused by the turnover of the building in question – it is indicated in the Draft Decision.

As pointed out, the declared MFA of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after settling the obligations, will pay the rest of the funds to the single account of the Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Twelve million BAM for BiH from the sale of real estate in New York

Regarding the sale of the Permanent Mission of the former SFRY to the United Nations, the draft decision specifies that an offer in the amount of 50 million US dollars (81.2 million marks) will be accepted, of which the BiH is expected to receive 15%, or around 12 million marks.

The buyer of the Permanent Mission in New York is a company in that city and the funds, as in the case of the Embassy in Bern, will be distributed among the successor countries in accordance with the Agreement on Succession Matters.

It should be remembered that after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, many embassies, residences, apartments, business premises, resorts and other real estate had to be distributed among the former republics.


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