The United States and France intend to intensify their cooperation on space issues (White House)

Rome [Italy] October 30 (ANI): The United States and France on Friday (local time) said in a joint statement that the two countries intend to step up cooperation on space issues.

“The United States and France intend to intensify their cooperation on space issues, which will be discussed further during Vice President Harris’ next visit to Paris,” the White House said in a statement.

It comes as US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron met in Rome on the sidelines of the G20 summit to reaffirm their commitment to closer bilateral and transatlantic cooperation in the search for peace, security and prosperity in the world.

This meeting was based on the in-depth consultations announced in their joint declaration of 22 September aimed at creating the conditions for a climate of confidence.

They underline the strength of the long-standing and historic relationship between the United States and France, supported by our common democratic values, our economic ties, and our defense and security cooperation.

They also reiterate a shared commitment to adapt and modernize our transatlantic alliance and partnership in light of global trends and in accordance with the depth of our ties, common values ​​and shared interests.

They decide to ensure that democracy is at the service of their citizens, to defend the rule of law and good governance, to defend the human rights and dignity of all individuals, and to fight against injustice and ‘inequality.

“The United States and France recognize our shared responsibility to lead the development of global solutions in response to collective challenges, including the continued cooperation between the United States and the EU to strengthen the rules-based multilateral order.” , indicates the press release.

The press release indicates that the two presidents welcome the plans to launch a “bilateral France-United States partnership for clean energy” by the end of the year.

“We will pursue a sustainable global economic recovery, based on a fair, inclusive and rules-based global economy,” the statement said.

As stated in the September 22 joint statement between the two presidents, the United States recognizes the importance of a stronger and more capable European defense that positively contributes to global and transatlantic security and is complementary to NATO.

“The United States supports the growing investments of European allies and partners in military capabilities that enable our common defense, given the transatlantic security advantage of stronger European military capabilities and more engaged European partners. The Sahel and Bosnia contribute positively to transatlantic security, “the statement added. (ANI)

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