Electricity company ERS to issue bonds on the Vienna Stock Exchange

State-owned electricity company Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske (ERS) will issue bonds on the Vienna Stock Exchange, said Finance Minister Zora Vidović.

Zora Vidović, Minister of Finance, stressed that the ERS bond issuance project was supported by the government of the Republic of Srpska.

Bonds worth 140 million euros will be issued and the funds will be used to build the Dabar and Bistrica hydropower plants. According to local media, construction contracts have been signed with two Chinese companies.

Minister Vidović stressed that it was not necessary for ERS to seek guarantees from the RS government in order to issue debt securities.

“I think this is very good and that our electric industry should establish its solvency and appear in the international market because it exports a lot of electricity,” Vidović stresses, TV RTRS reported.

Luka Petrović: We are building 1 GW in green power plants

Luka Petrović, Managing Director of ERS, said the company is in its largest production facility investment cycle to date and plans to build power plants with an installed capacity of 1,000. MW.

“The priority of the first three-year phase is the construction of the Dabar HPC, with a capacity of 160 MW, three hydropower plants within the framework of the Gornja Drina project, with a total capacity of 190 MW, and three hydropower plants on the Bistrica river, with a total capacity of 34.5 MW, ”said Petrović.

He added that the utility was planning to install the Hrgud wind farm, with a capacity of 50 MW, and the Trebinje 1 solar power plant with 73 MW.

We want to introduce CO2 taxes, but we need help

Petrović said that Bileća HP and Nevesinje HP are also in preparation under the Gornji horizonti (Upper Horizons) project, as well as the construction of Fatnica HP.

As part of its ten-year plan, ERS intends to build hydropower plants on the middle and lower parts of the Drina River, Cijevna HPP in Bosnia, wind farms in Herzegovina, Trebinje 3 and Ljubinje 3 solar power plants. , and the CHE of Sutorina, which is planned in Monenegro, he said.

Petrović noted that the Energy Community expects electricity utilities in the Balkans to include a CO2 tax.

“We want to introduce the tax, but at the same time we want concrete help in carrying out projects from renewable energy sources, because we have no subsidies, funds or loans,” said Petrović.

He said the company was not financially or technically ready for the introduction of such a tax, without assistance in building renewable facilities.

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