Croatian nightclubs and bars still cannot open after midnight

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October 9, 2021 – The Association of Nightclubs and Bars issued to the public a statement in which, as they say, they “want to warn against the work of the Croatian headquarters, which, without real and scientific arguments, maintains persistently the decision to limit Croatian nightclubs and bars until midnight ”.

“However, some cafes and restaurants are turning into nightclubs despite epidemiological measures and the noise protection law, because they work illegally, so one cannot help but wonder who is crazy in this. situation! We are seeing the media often report illegal parties in the capital, but many indoor nightclubs and bars are closed until further notice, ” they said.

Precisely because of the ban on nightclubs and bars, according to the statement, thousands of young people find nightly entertainment in neighboring Bosnia and Serbia because there are no restrictions in their countries, reports . Catering establishments that are a 30-40 minute drive away in neighboring countries offer their services after midnight, their prices are cheaper and the VAT in catering is lower and there is no consumption tax. . Absolutely everything is available and allowed to them, both in the clubs themselves without any restrictions on working hours, COVID certificates and tests, and on their return to Croatia.

The Association of Voices of Entrepreneurs and the Association of Nightclubs and Bars believe that the Croatian headquarters should take these facts into account and act like the EU countries and our neighboring countries, removing the restriction on working hours. working in Croatian nightclubs and bars and authorizing work in compliance with epidemiological measures. This approach and these bans only encourage illegal work, and young people are still not vaccinated to the extent intended. In addition, constant pressure and almost no action to help nightclubs and bars harm the business, many cannot meet the fixed costs if the business is engaged in some other business besides that of the clubs at night, although it is very clear that they are prohibited from working. ! ”, they added.

” We believe that this kind of head office abuse of Croatian nightclubs and bars must stop. We hereby tell them that they prefer to worry about how to increase the number of vaccinated among vulnerable groups and allow night catering establishments to operate after more than 18 months and compensate for all the time they have. spent in confinement! “, We read in the press release.

“Even after more than 18 months without work, the Croatian headquarters does not want to allow nightclubs in Croatia, so under the pretext of taking care of the health of people who do not want to take care of their own health and get vaccinated for two years is destroying the youth in Croatia, and we have the impression that the government of the Republic of Croatia wants to destroy the event and the entertainment industry in the Republic of Croatia. These measures themselves encourage illegal mass parties, where there is no implementation of epidemiological measures, and taxation is a foreign word. Also, young people of Croatia always seek their desire to have fun in neighboring countries, especially Bosnia, where in addition to lower VAT, and therefore lower drink prices, they can now refuel much cheaper, so it turns out that this trip is free for 30 minutes in clubs in our neighboring countries. is available nible without any restriction on working hours, covid certificates or tests. It is obvious that the siege is showing hypocrisy where it does not allow us to work, and incites to go to neighboring countries where no one controls you. We want to stress once again that we are not guilty of a poor vaccination of Croatia, but that the headquarters are looking for the culprits in their contradictory decisions, like this scientifically and logically unfounded claim that the coronavirus attacks after midnight “, said Domagoj Petričević of the Association of nightclubs and bars.

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