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Which countries are the biggest foreign investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in 2020, what does BiH export to Afghanistan, which destination route was announced by Wizz Air…

You can find the answers to these questions below in the weekly review of the most important business news and events in BiH. • Croatia and Serbia, the biggest investors in BiH in 2020

“The inflow of foreign direct investment into BiH in 2020 amounted to BAM 678.2 million, according to data from the Central Bank of BiH (CBBiH), which released the results of the statistical survey on foreign direct investments for 2020 ”, he announced by the CBBiH.

In terms of geographic distribution, the largest inflow of investments in 2020 comes from Croatia (149.4 million BAM), followed by Serbia (135.3 million BAM). • Wizz Air announced a new route Banja Luka – Hamburg

Wizz Air, the fastest growing European airline, announced a new Banja Luka – Hamburg (Germany) route this week. Flights on this line start on December 17, 2021, twice a week.

“Tickets are already available online at and via the mobile app, at prices as low as 29.99 euros / 58.99 BAM,” the company said. • Hrvic: Des thousands of our workers worked as one

One of the largest business systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, AS Holding, employs 4,000 workers, but ten times as many people work for them in all segments of the system at small and medium-sized suppliers.

Rusmir Hrvic, Chairman of the Board of AS Holding, spoke about the importance of large companies to a country’s economy, what they do to keep young people in BiH and the care that ” they grant to socially responsible companies. • BiH has significant exports of arms and ammunition to Afghanistan

After the Taliban take power in Afghanistan, major changes will occur which will certainly affect trade relations. This is likely to affect trade with BiH, which is not particularly large in volume, but the amounts are not negligible, especially for one branch of industry.

By July of this year, goods worth around BAM 3.7 million were exported from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Afghanistan. Most of it, amounting to around BAM 3.2 million, concerned the export of arms and ammunition. Interestingly, the export to Afghanistan last year was only BAM 143,782, but in 2019 it was BAM 12.3 million and in 2018 it was BAM 23.5 million. , which is not negligible. In both cases, almost the entire amount was for arms and ammunition, their parts and supplies, writes Biznis Info.

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