Suad Beslic returned from Germany to Bosnia and Herzegovina and now manufactures fire trucks

While most people are packing their bags and looking for a way to leave the country in search of a better future, there are also those who are returning from abroad to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with the aim of succeeding here. . One of them is Suad Beslic, a mechanical engineer who spent 23 years in Germany. He returned to Zivinice a few years ago, where he opened his own company which manufactures fire trucks.

Life in Germany is the dream of most Bosnians, however, one of them, Suad Beslic, decided to return to his homeland. He says real success is making your dreams come true in the place that is in your heart, and it is here.

“I saw the potential of these people, I saw the opportunities that BiH offers. We have extremely talented young people who just need to be guided in the right direction. I transferred knowledge from Germany and we came to the final product, we made two fire trucks, a smaller one for the town of Zivinice, a large one that I am extremely proud of and that is for the town of Srebrenik ”Said Beslic.

The vehicle for Srebrenik was delivered a few days ago and it is needed for the operation of the local fire department.

“What makes this project special is that it is a fully standardized domestic product to European Union (EU) standards, so there is no doubt about the effectiveness of such a product, taking into account all the firefighting equipment available to it, ”said the mayor of Srebrenik, Nihad Omerovic.

This is not the first fire truck to be the work of Suad and his colleagues. Namely, his business is export oriented and the demand is extremely high. But the problem is that the state is not responsible for such a product, but the individual. Paradox – in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have heard for years that there is no money for the renewal of fire trucks.

“We have produced almost six vehicles for the Luxembourg state and the company we work for has just published their advertisements and delivered them there, and it was produced here in Zivinice in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” explained Beslic.

Another example of how state leaders fail to know how to recognize the national brand and quality of BiH. If Suad Beslic’s affairs were supported by the highest levels of government, we would have an increase in production and therefore a strengthening of the economy, employment and capital that remains in the state budget. And of course, for much less money, we would be able to rebuild BiH fire trucks, writes Federalna.


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