Mysterious Balkan firm sues mysterious New Rochelle consultant over mysterious $ 118 million deal

A company based in Bosnia and Herzegovina claims that a consultant in New Rochelle defrauded it of nearly $ 150,000 as part of a deal to obtain a line of credit of $ 118 million.

Nina DOO accused Andrew Barrett Consultant LLC and Jeffrey Andrew Barrett of unjust enrichment in a September 7 lawsuit filed in the Westchester Supreme Court.

How the companies met and the purpose of their agreement is not explained.

Nina DOO is a subsidiary of Holdom Enterprise in Bosnia, according to the Holdom website, and is headed by Dominik Holzner, 30.

The lawsuit portrays Nina DOO as an international real estate company, but Holdom’s website indicates that Nina’s core business is window manufacturing. The website also displays a video rendering of an apparent hotel project in Mahovljani, Bosnia.

Andrew Barrett Consultant was established in 2015, according to a crown corporation filing. According to the complaint, Jeffrey Andrew Barrett’s business and home are in the Skyline New Rochelle apartment building.

Efforts to contact Barrett for his side of the story have failed.

Nina DOO said she made a deal with Barrett in November 2019. Barrett agreed to facilitate a bank guarantee of up to € 100 million (then about $ 110 million, now $ 118 million) from Credit Suisse for an amount of 150,000 euros ($ 165,000).

A bank guarantee, or stand-by letter of credit, is typically used in a large international transaction to help a business secure a contract.

In this case, says the complaint, the transaction had to be concluded within 60 days. If not completed, Barrett is expected to reimburse the costs, less a non-refundable retainer of 25,000 euros ($ 27,500) to attend a meeting in Zurich, Switzerland.

Nina DOO said she transferred 150,000 euros to Barrett Consultant’s account at a Wells Fargo bank in Pleasantville.

But Barrett did not attend the Zurich meeting, according to the complaint, and was not granted the € 100 million line of credit.

Barrett allegedly ignored two requests from Holzner and one from Manhattan attorney Henry Roske to reimburse costs.

Nina DOO accuses Barrett of breach of contract, conversion and unjust enrichment. He claims 125,000 euros, or about 148,000 dollars at the exchange rate of September 15.

Nina DOO is represented by Manhattan attorneys Matthew D. Donovan and Viktoriya Liberchuk.

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