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There is no other party or political organization in the world that could boast that the Chinese Communist Party has achieved, serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said at online summit marking 100th anniversary of Chinese Community Party, adding that Belgrade want tos continue to strengthen ties with Beijing. Read more.



The Slovenian Prime Minister refuses to comment on the party’s European political future. Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša declined to comment on the European political future of his Democratic Party (SDS) during a visit to Strasbourg to address the European Parliament. After.


The Austrian government and the opposition agree on a new law on renewable energies. the The ÖVP-Greens coalition, along with the opposition Social Democrats, presented a bill aimed at making the country’s electricity run entirely from renewable energies by 2030. Read more.



The German conservatives are launching the electoral slogan “Making Germany Together”. The ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Germany launched the official phase of its election campaign in September with a slogan: “Making Germany together”. Read more.



The Belgian expert already says “fourth wave” here. With a growing number of COVID-19 infections across Europe, Belgian biostatistician Geert Molenberghs said “the fourth wave of infections is already underway” but is not “a cause for concern”.

“This is the start of a fourth wave, which hopefully isn’t going to get out of hand,” he said. Het Laatste Nieuws, adding that given the progress of vaccinations, he does not expect a corresponding increase in hospitalizations. (Alexandra Brzozowski,



Dutch journalist De Vries shot, in critical condition. Dutch journalist Peter R. de Vries, known for his work in exposing the criminal underworld, fought for his life after being gunned down on an Amsterdam street, officials said on Tuesday. Read more.



Transnational lists, system of the best candidates, no remedy for the “democratic deficit” of the EU. Transnational electoral lists and Spitzenkandidaten The system used in the European elections to appoint the leaders of the bloc is not a “miracle cure” for the “democratic deficit” of the EU, according to a briefing report presented Tuesday by French senators. Read the full story.



The European Court has a new judge. A new judge has been appointed to the General Court of the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg after it was decided that the Court would double in size in an attempt to alleviate its growing caseload.

The General Court was to gradually grow from 28 judges to 56 from February last year, giving each EU country two judges instead of one. But following Brexit, the court will now have 54 judges instead of 56. (Anne Damani |



London will follow Denmark’s lead on migration. The UK is set to follow Denmark’s lead in seeking to establish offshore asylum processing centers under new legislation. After.



Irish PM: “window of opportunity” for the NI protocol. Irish Ptime minister Michael Martin on Monday called on the British government to engage with the EU to reach an agreement on the protocol, saying “there is a window of opportunity now given the extension that has been granted to address and address these issues. Read more.



Italian Minister: GDP could grow by more than 5% in 2021. Italian Economy Minister Daniele Franco said growth of more than 5% was “achievable,” in remarks to the Italian Banking Association (ABI) meeting ahead of the G20 meeting held under the Italian presidency in Venice on Friday and Saturday. Read more.



Nightlife restrictions return to Spain as COVID-19 cases skyrocket. Faced with the growing number of new cases of COVID-19 among unvaccinated young people, the Spanish city of Barcelona has announced that it will close nightlife spots from this weekend. Read the full story.



Portugal: Delta variant responsible for nearly 90% of cases. The more contagious variant of the Delta coronavirus is responsible for almost 90% of COVID-19 cases in Portugal and has recorded a sharp increase in the northern region of Madeira and the Azores, reported Lusa, EURACTIV partner. Read more.



Slovakia will impose stricter border controls for the unvaccinated. Slovakia on Monday imposed stricter internal border controls aimed at stopping the spread of the Delta variant and announced that from Friday all travelers entering the country will have to self-quarantine if they are not fully vaccinated, regardless of their origin. Read more.



Poland says vaccinees do not need quarantine. VAccinated people do not need to isolate themselves even if they have been in contact with the Delta variant of the coronavirus, said Health Ministry spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz, adding that the vaccines being deployed in Poland are ” fully effective “. Read more.



The EP vice-president denounces the ePrivacy derogation. the EPrivacy waiver adopted by the European Parliament on Tuesday a elicited a strong reaction from EP Vice-President Marcel Kolaja (Pirates, Verts / ALE). Read more.



Hungary issues decree denouncing EU “attacks” on LBTQI + law. The Hungarian executive issued a decree denouncing the “crass and undemocratic political attacks on Hungary” in response to controversial legislation banning the “portrayal or promotion” of LGBTQI + content to minors. After.



Irregularities reported at the start of the vote in the referendum in Slovenia. Supporters of a referendum on Slovenia’s water law sharply criticized the organization of the early vote, alleging that the suppression of voters had taken place. Read more.



Bulgarian PM: European partners side with Skopje. Bulgarian Prime Minister Stefan Yanev complained to the Slovenian Ambassador that oOur European partners take sides, tolerate North Macedonia and accuse Bulgaria, without real and justified reasons. Read more.



The WTO urges Bosnia and Herzegovina to fulfill the remaining conditions for full membership. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the head of the World Trade Organization (WTO), urged Bosnia and Herzegovina to fulfill the two remaining conditions to become a member by the end of October, so that it can be appointed as a separate member entire WTO at the General Assembly session. November 30.

It would be “desirable” for Bosnia and Herzegovina to adopt a regulation on the quality of liquid petroleum fuels by the end of August and complete bilateral negotiations with the Russian Federation, added the director general. (Željko Trkanjec |



Work has started on the statue of Joe Biden in the city of Kosovo. In the town of Urosevac, near the American military base of Bondsteel, work has started on a site intended to accommodate a statue of US President Joe Biden. Read more.



Journalists win the battle against the Albanian parliament. Albanian lPolicymakers have withdrawn an initiative to change the rules of parliament to prevent journalists from attending committee meetings and parliamentary sessions, allowing journalists to continue to follow parliamentary committee meetings, according to a letter signed by President Gramoz Ruçi. Read more.


  • France: Prime Minister Jean Castex will participate in the national security and defense council before meeting Hervé Gaymard, president of the Savoie departmental council.
  • France: European Parliament debates rule of law in Hungary and Poland / COVID-19 tests stop being free for foreign tourists.
  • Belgium: The European Commission publishes the latest economic forecasts for Europe
  • Sweden: Parliament votes on Lofven’s reinstatement as Prime Minister
  • UK: Foreign Affairs Committee Releases Report on China’s Treatment of Uyghurs, Recommends Response
  • Germany lifts ban on travelers from UK, Portugal, India, Nepal and Russia
  • Cyprus: Government announces first aid plan following devastating forest fire
  • Poland: Lower House of Parliament known as the Sejm to hold the 34th session of the ninth term.
  • Kosovo: Former NATO Supreme Commander in Europe, General Wesley Clark, will visit Kosovo and visit the Kosovo Security Force.
  • Croatia: Parliament is debating amendments to the Capital Market Law and a government report on the implementation of COVID-19 measures from January 16 to May 31.


[Edited by Sarantis Michalopoulos, Daniel Eck, Paula Kenny, Zoran Radosavljevic, Josie LeBlond]

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