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Dominique Bilde, member of the National Rally of Marine Le Pen, tore up David Sassoli’s proposal to further align the nations of Eastern Europe with Brussels. The Eurosceptic MEP reacted with disappointment to Mr Sassoli’s announcement that he and the leaders of the Western Balkans had “reaffirmed the central role of our institutions in moving the enlargement process forward”.

After the critical meeting, Mr Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, urged the Council of the EU to “keep its promises and urgently take decisive action to speed up the enlargement process”.

Ms Bilde responded by tweeting a sad-faced emoji and expressing her disapproval of the plan.

She added: “The French will obviously never be consulted on this decision, which is disastrous in economic and security matters”.

Speaking yesterday in the European Parliament, the legislator blasted.

Dominique Bilde attacks David Sassoli’s proposal to enlarge the EU (Image: Getty / Twitter / European Parliament)

bosnia sarajevo

Bosnia is among the Balkan countries hoping to join the EU (Image: GETTY)

She said: “The loan of 613 million euros obtained from China for a coal-fired power plant in Tuzla [Bosnian city], while this industry is still largely subsidized, also attaches Bosnia-Herzegovina to the new silk road promoted by Beijing, in defiance of European criteria in energy matters.

“But what is most unacceptable is on the one hand the risk of repatriation of jihadists because the Balkans have the highest concentration in Europe, and on the other hand the migratory crisis in Pakistan, in particular with the corollary of the infiltration of radical Islam.

“If the EU is caught up in this enlargement to the Balkans, in Bosnia and Herzegovina as elsewhere, the lack of enthusiasm is obvious.

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david sassoli

Dominique Bilde denounced David Sassoli’s attempt to bring the Balkan countries closer to the EU (Image: GETTY)

“Judging by the attitude of the Bosnian member of its tripartite presidency, who condemned France in the Charlie Hebdo affair and hailed Erdogan’s contribution to the stability of the region.

“The EU, which has given Bosnia and Herzegovina € 1.19 billion in pre-accession funds, is therefore not getting anything from its investments in the region and from an enlargement process that should not have location.”

Earlier this month, Sassoli said allowing Balkan countries to join the bloc “would bring immense benefits both to the region and to Europe as a whole”.

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bosnia sarajevo

Young migrant boy holds up sign in Bosnia for open borders (Image: GETTY)

bosnia sarajevo

Migrants pictured at border post in Bosnia during migrant crisis (Image: GETTY)

He said the additional member states would help “ensure a stable, prosperous and peaceful continent”.

As it stands, Brussels is conducting accession negotiations with Montenegro and Serbia.

Albania and North Macedonia are also official candidates for EU membership, the latter having received support from three member states to start negotiations with Brussels.

And Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo were seen as potential candidates for negotiations.

Migrants and refugees block border crossing between Bosnia and Croatia

This week, Sassoli attended the second Western Balkans Presidents Summit.

In a joint statement, the leaders said they “welcomed the European Union’s unprecedented financial support for the Western Balkans” which they said confirmed “the bloc’s” efforts to contribute to sustainable development and the long-term socio-economic recovery of the region. “

During the 1990s, the region was devastated by a series of conflicts that tore apart the former Yugoslavia. The wars were separate but linked to each other.

bosnia sarajevo

Migrants having lunch in Sarajevo (Image: GETTY)

The Bosnian War between 1992 and 1995 left an estimated 100,000 dead and tens of thousands of women raped.

Today, the country is grappling with an attempt to reintegrate jihadists and their families into society.

Former Islamic State fighters, women and children, including Bosnian citizens, have been allowed to return to the country after spending time in Syria and Iraq.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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