Estonia bans fur farming

It happened with a narrow margin, but a bill proposing a fur ban in the northern European country Estonia was officially passed after a ten-year struggle. Estonia bans the breeding of fur animals throughout the country – in five years all fur farms in the country will have to be closed completely. And from next month, no more fur farms will be allowed to open in the country.

Estonia bans fur.

As reported by Fair style, on Thursday, June 2, 2021, Estonian parliament the Riigikogu passed the third legislation of the country’s latest fur ban bill. 55 out of 101 members of parliament voted in favor of the bill, meaning it has been approved to become law.

In July 2021, no new fur farms will be allowed to open in the country of Estonia. But even with four weeks left to legally start a new fur business, that would be a bit silly, given that all fur farms in Estonia will have to close in January 2026. And as MP Yoko Alender said Just style, there are currently only 11 people working on fur farms in Estonia, and only 1000 live animals in the industry.

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“We celebrate today with Estonia, as it becomes the first Baltic country to ban the inhumane breeding of fur animals, and congratulate local animal welfare groups for their years of campaigning for the ban, “said Claire Bass of Humane Society International / UK. in a statement, according to VegNews. “This victory confirms that caging, electrocuting and gassing animals just to make pom pom hats is a time-consuming endeavor.”

The fur farming industry is incredibly cruel, with animals raised in cramped and unsanitary living conditions, where they are forced to live until they are slaughtered for their fur. Not only does the fur industry needlessly injure animals, it environmental destroyer – and with so many vegan, animal-free fur products on the market these days, there is simply no reason to use animals for fur.

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